4 cheap and simple tricks to ward off would-be car thieves, according to you

So you spend your life standing by your car showing folks a gun? Of course you do, and it is so cool of you to share that with us! I am impressed.

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“Anti theft by Stick shift”…I AM A MILLENNIAL, yet both my cars are stick shift. (1995 corolla and 1974 VW Super beetle) The anti-theft of my corolla is the crappy-looking faded paint, and bare metal exposed, as well as trash scattered in the car, lol.

For the bug, I pull off a Coil wire and put it in my pocket, it’s more portable than a cellphone. I like all these other ideas, taking off an actual wheel seems like a pain, those steering-wheel-clubs can be cut. I like the chains, but would probably attract attention to manually feed a chain through the wheels of my bug when I park…

Is there some kind of hidden brake-lock that’ll lock the wheels? Kinda like the emergency brake concept, but… concealed? Something that’ll prevent rolling the car onto a flatbed…

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It all has to do with “EASE”!!! If you make it easy for a thief to steal your car or anything for that matter …then they will…Little things can help but if they are determined to have something then you are almost always going to loose…Case in point. in 1986 my girl friends new car had to go in to get her digital dash replaced (85 Buick Sommerset ) so I gave her my 82 Olds Omega for her to use…I rented a loaner… but on the third night my car was stolen from in front of her apartment…YES my 82 Omega with about 77,000 miles on it was their target that night…about a month later I got a bill from a police impound in Chicago saying its been on there lot for 28 days…It was already a loss to the insurance company by then, I got my check for it a week after I got to the police impound to gather a few things from it. It was sitting on 4 spare tires and the exhaust was sitting in the inside the car…After breaking the hood latch to get that opened, the engine and trans were also gone with the 4 rims and wire wheel covers and the third brake light I bought and installed…It doesn’t matter to some thieves what it is, if there is a need then they will get it!!! A few times I’ve moved the seat all the way forward and pulled the fuse, disconnecting the battery is a good one and just about any kill switch and alarm might keep a few problems for happening but if you are up on todays their, they are always learning new ways to win this fight…

I heard a story that the system which low riders use was actually invented to prevent a car, and wheels, from getting stolen. When parked it would be dropped on the ground. Even dragging it on to a tow truck flatbed with a wench is difficult. Since I am not driving a low rider, this is not an option for me.

I don’t want to get in a gun fight to protect my car. I am not willing to kill someone over material things.

I have wondered if installing a hidden camera like a “ring doorbell” in the car would be a good idea. It would store the image to the cloud before a theif could damage the camera. I could get a picture of the thief, and even talk to him on my cell as he was driving away. On second thought this idea is not so effective.

Instead, I have a great insurance policy through Hagarty.

Rrrright. Bold talk. Hope it was meant in jest. Because the reality is the thief or his next-of-kin will end up with the car and you’ll end up in jail.

I’m just now finishing up my 68 Camaro Convertible pro-touring build. I’d love to swap pics and talk about what we did on our builds.


For all that want to have a kill switch etc,- while it is a good idea, it won’t prevent a repo type tow truck from grabbing your car. While on the Power Tour last year, my beautiful, all black, 55 Chevy two door post was stolen in Atlanta. I knew the car wouldn’t run when I parked in a hotel parking lot, nonetheless, it was gone in the morning. I am now using a hidden GPS device with a geo fence. I receive an immediate text if the car is moved at all. Highly recommended! BTW, Hagerty was fantastic in helping me with my claim.

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Sorry about your ‘55. Ive been looking over my shoulder ever since we moved to the Atlanta area last year. I’ve been looking at GPS for my Caddy. (Already have multiple anti theft tools in place)

I recently watched a documentary about high end car theft rings, these guys have scanners to locate GPS transmitters so they can disable them. I guess all you can do is try and slow them down.

My 57 Tbird had a great built-in theft deterrent. It had to be in neutral to start it. Never failed to stump anyone that had to fire it up.

You and others imply that thieves carry a large array of tools to steal cars. Most do not… in fact they seek the easy mark. I got that from a former coworker who had gone to prison for being a car thief who admonished me to USE the Club. All this prattle about how easily a club can be defeated… Sure, if the bad guys carry a bolt cutter or a hacksaw. I’ve used the club for decades… and protected my 73-91 generation of Suburbans back in the days when those were THE hot ticket for thieves. I never lost one… As a matter of fact, I parked next to one like mine in a parking lot one day… came out and that one was gone with broken window glass on the ground under where the driver’s door had been. Mine was still there with the club on the wheel.

I guess the only way to guard your prize is personally. I had a 1969 Mach One in high school… I worked my adolescent butt off for that car. The thieves came 'round one night around 2 AM… and I heard their vehicle as it circled the block slowly; checking my car out. I put the car up in the yard adjacent to our front door, grabbed our hunting rifle, sat Indian style on the hood, and when they circled back around the block twice more, they drove off and never tried to steal the car afterwards!

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Rrrright. Bold talk. Hope it was meant in jest. Because the reality is the thief or his next-of-kin will end up with the car and you’ll end up in jail.
Or, end up with your car and the gun. Stupid DNA indeed.

If you have a MSD 6al Ignition box then by grounding the white wire will prevent the car from starting. Just add a hidden switch between the white wire and ground and you are good to go, or not if you forget to flip the switch on lol. Wayne

Well, now the thieves have all the ways to thwart preventive systems and all the places to look in order to steal cars. If I were a car thief I would be thanking everyone here for the help!

How about a brake line lock kit with a hidden release switch and you can use it for burnouts when it’s not keeping your car from rolling away. Better still you could set it up for all 4 wheels and make it very difficult for any thief.
Personally I would love to wire a stun gun to the door handles but we have to be sympathetic to the poor car thieves.

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Well I’m confident thieves don’t have Hagerty Insurance, and certainly most don’t have an account here. Nothing in this thread is new tech or anything a sophisticated car thief wouldn’t already know. It’s just members sharing methods and ideas to stop the majority.
And Bud…the glass is half FULL.

Just took my 1968 F100 to have the alignment set and I had to drive it on and off the rack because the tech couldn’t drive stick…best theft prevention ever and didn’t cost me anything!

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Gotta give you kudos for being one of the few your age that’s taken the time and effort to learn! But the sad fact is probably 95% don’t learn which does make a stick shift a good deterrent for your age group!

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Yes. And your point is…?

Not much use if you are asleep.