4 of our favorite motorsport moments at Monza

When the stands at Monza flooded pit lane underneath the podium this Sunday, giant yellow Prancing Horse shields rippled atop the cheering sea of red. Sunday, September 8th, 21-year-old Charles Leclerc won the Italian Grand Prix for his second career win with Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari’s first Monza win since 2010.

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The new kid on the block at Ferrari is brilliant, and probably the only man on the grid capable of consistently challenging Hamilton’s undeniable supremacy. Matteo has made some very positive changes at the Scuderia, and may have the measure of Toto Wolf at Mercedes. Another positive for Ferrari, because the might of the team behind Hamilton needs to be matched in order for LeClerc to really shine.
The 2019 Italian GP was fantastic to watch, and hopefully a sign of more great racing between these two to come.
Fernando needs to be in an F1 car again too…I’d love to see him along with LeClerc, Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Danny Ric and Seb battling it out up at the sharp end of the field. These guys I think are the real talent in F1 currently.
Albon and Perez will be nipping at their heels regularly too I think… a lot of talent in those two.

Ludivico Scarfiotti 1966 win in the Ferrari V12!!! Italian driver from Turin, Agnelli’s cousin, Italian car, Italian GP!!!