4 sweet civilian-spec military vehicles not named Jeep


Those looking for a rugged vehicle with military roots need look no further than the venerable Jeep. With nearly 80 years of faithful service, the Jeep is the shovel of the off-road world, simple, durable, dependable, common. However, a Jeep is a pretty obvious choice; what if you want something with a little more élan, a little more character? What if what you're really looking for is a sort of shovel with a corkscrew attachment?

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You missed one, the US M 151, M 151 A1 and M 151 A2 designed by Ford. In order to not infringe on Jeep’s trademark of 7 vertical bar grills Ford made the bars horizontal. With a uni-body and all independent suspension it was a total departure from any previous or later Jeeps.


@tmadere - Good note. There are certainly others that followed a similar path as well. The M 151 is certainly a neat rig too!