4 underappreciated Ferraris that you should experience

Being labeled an underdog has its advantages, even when a vehicle is graced with the Ferrari badge. One blip of the gas pedal leaves once-skeptical car enthusiasts pleasantly surprised.

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I don’t think anyone who knows Ferrari’s would lump the 360 into the “underappreciated” category. Most Ferrari buffs think the 360 is a transformative car, the first “modern” Ferrari with all aluminum bodywork, aluminum frame and many other features that make it a huge success. When it first came out, the order book was so flooded that the 360 had a two year backlog of orders. It is still a success and a great car to drive. It’s not only the first “modern” Ferrari, the gated version is among the last analog Ferrari’s. Sure, there’s a couple of engine ECU’s an airbag computer, a window ECU, security system ECU, ABS computer and a chip in the dash, but that’s it. The rest of the car is old school. Great value, fun to drive and a car that the common man (or woman) can actually work on and repair themselves.