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The fourth-generation Ford Mustang suffers a bit from middle-child syndrome. It debuted 23 years ago and spanned a full decade of model years (1994–2004), but it has yet to gain the same regard as other generations of America’s pony car. Wedged between the charming blandness of Fox-body Mustangs and the retro styling of fifth-generation models, fourth-gen Mustangs aren’t at the top of many dream car lists.

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I feel like the New Edge Mach 1 also deserves a mention here. While their values aren’t climbing at the moment, it seems like it has the right ingredients for future collectability: limited production, higher performance engine and retro styling cues. I could easily see these picking up steam as the premium for clean Terminator Cobras continue to ratchet up over the next 5 years.


I have a friend who has a 1994 Saleen built Mustang GT convertible with factory nitrous oxide plumbed into it…
It is gas-pedal activated; when the switch is on, the bottle feeds the car more go-go gas the harder you stomp the pedal…