5 bargains from Mecum Kansas City 2017


Mecum’s biannual Kansas City auction last weekend brought $8.2 million in total sales, but the headliner was a 2005 Ford GT that hammered at $265,000. Further down the price ladder, there were plenty of interesting cars to choose from, as well. And while Mecum attracts a lot of bidders and most cars have a reserve, there are always a few that fly under the radar and change hands for the kind of temptingly low prices that make you mutter, “Man, I wish I’d brought my checkbook.”

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No personal experience with auctions but isn’t there a buyer premium of 10% on the hammer price? Added in, seems like, with a couple exceptions, those cars ended up being pretty much on their HVT.


The buyers premium can vary by auction house and sometimes even by venue. Many of them were close to the #3 Hagerty Valuation Tool number quoted, but most likely they were in better shape than a #3 car, though that is the average.


Well, I might have raised my hand on that VR4. I think the later versions with fixed headlights were better looking and might be more desirable…which might also explain the lower hammer price on this one. But I don’t think it’s such a boring color.


I agree with ya on that one!


The 10% buyer’s premium is factored in here, so the numbers in the article are what the buyers paid (not including tax, registration, etc.)


I really enjoy the bargain posts by Haggerty and comments. One thing about these which no one really knows until they get it home and fully inspect - what mechanical and hidden rust issues lay lurking. My Barracuda 67 convertible was a steal, well at least it appeared that way, people couldn’t believe how low I paid, after full inspection all kinds of hidden issues popped up. Most - like leaking gas tank (replaced it) brakes (replaced them with upgrade and then discovered rear ax issue - replaced) small engine frame crack (no way to see it - repaired) and on it goes. As we know buyer beware and even what appears restored at top auctions can sometimes require lots of work. Please continue with the auction bargain reviews…just all buyers realize until full inspection by a qualified shop or a buy that has all the pics, videos and receipts from a reliable shop, don’t judge a book by its cover :wink: