5 cars that highlight star builder Chip Foose’s career


If you’re even remotely interested in classic cars, then Chip Foose is probably a familiar name and a familiar face. He was involved in cars long before he graduated from The ArtCenter College of Design and penned some of the most influential custom cars in the last 30 years. He’s also hosted the successful television show Overhaulin’ that brought car owners dreams to reality.

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One HUGE thing that helps any designer cum builder is having a father in the business. My dad was a NYC policeman and couldn’t care less about cars so I had to slog it out on my own from building go karts out of 2x4’s and shopping cart wheels to where I am today at 66, a hobbyist who designs and builds my own warped interpretations of “classics” such as taking a 1970 MGBGT and smashing it together with a 1992 Mustang LX 5.0 using EVERYTHING out of the Mustang and only the body of the MG.
But in the end it’s guys like Chip that inspire me to think out of the usual bolt on box and go where nobody should go. Thanks Chip !


Beautiful cars all. He makes it all seem so simple when it’s so NOT. And I’ve heard from more than a couple people that Mr. Foose is as genuinely nice as he comes off on TV.