5 features that make the C5 Corvette special

Chevrolet’s fifth-generation Corvette has a lot going for it these days—sleek styling, brutish performance, infinite options for personalization, and, best of all, affordability. It’s true, C5 ’Vettes are laughably cheap for the level of car offered, and it’s exactly the reason why I picked one up at the end of last November.

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Last summer a Local Dealer had a 2002 Z06 with 20K miles and was only asking $23,000 for it… It was a beautiful car, too… Would have made a great summer daily driver for that amount… I still wish I would have gotten it, but I had no place to store it…

We bought a 1999 C5 last June with just over 14k miles on it. It’s the “wife’s toy” as I already have a rowdy 600 hp LS swapped '70 C10. Great car- beautiful deep red color, chrome wheels, targa top. It has the auto (I would have preferred the 6-spd but the Mrs is fine and dandy with it). Just an overall fantastic car. Tremendous bang for the buck and styling still looks great. Makes me wonder why I spent so much money building the truck when we could have just gotten one these for way less money. My only complaint is how narrow the cabin is but at 6’6" that’s true for me in most newer vehicles with center consoles.