5 Ferraris from the expanded Petersen Automotive Museum Vault


Since reopening in 2016 after an extensive remodel, the Petersen Automotive Museum has had a number of amazing new exhibits. However, as big as the Petersen is, it can’t keep all of the displays in the prime gallery spots forever. Time marches on, new cars are curated for another celebration of the automobile, and the old exhibits move on. Where do they go? Some cars return to the collections from which they were borrowed, and others head downstairs to the Petersen Vault.

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I just went this weekend. 70 years of Porsche exhibit, plus extended vault tour. Well worth the visit. My second time to the vault in a year. Some the same, but a lot of turnover, always something new…


Wow. The 250 GTO relegated to the vault? I would think that car would be a perennially exhibited car!