5 hot cars to jump on before prices rise


Doesn’t it always seem like by the time you’ve gotten wind of a cool collector car, the secret’s out and prices have already escalated out of your price range? Fear not, because we’re here to clue you in on our latest list of car that, maybe, people haven’t caught on to yet. Two strong indicators that a car is heating up: How many are being added to our insurance policies and insurance quote activity.

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High quality first year Lightnings are giing through the roof. Expect to pay at least $20K for an all original 2+ example. And if it is under $10K miles don’t be surprised to see $25K+.


Those fleetwoods are nice. but they don’t make enouogh power.


Please tell me why the Cadillac Allante is never mentioned as a collector?


cause they have tons of problems