5 hot rodding traditions that started in the junkyard


Early hot rodders drove straight through convention with an innovative eye on quicker and faster machines. Performance hop ups that were once considered blasphemous, dangerous or downright crazy are now seen as traditional by hot-rodders, customizers, and like-minded high-performance hooligans. Some of these hop ups, parts swaps, and modifications became so popular that the aftermarket tooled up to make brand new equivalents and reproductions after the original supply of donor cars and engines dried up. To paraphrase something Ed "The Camfather" Iskenderian said one afternoon at the Fabulous Burger down the street from Isky Cams world headquarters, the junkyard is the place to get good ideas. Here are a few of them.

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I respect a well done hot rod, but for me, there’s nothing quite like the stock setup. The gentle purr of a simple low-compression head on an early Ford soothes my soul.

I’m also very pleased that the author did not include 6 volt to 12 volt conversions - now thats one thing that really grinds my gears!


Hi ;
Nothing said about the Cosworth engine or the deafferents between a high-boy and a low-boy.
Just saying .


@sonnymalano - True, we did not mention a Cosworth engine, nor the difference between a high-boy and a low-boy style hot rod. I can’t say I am familiar with any hot rodders using a Cosworth engine, and the high-boy and low-boy styles likely originated in a persons garage rather than a junkyard.


My mistake ; I believe the engine I was thinking of was not a Cosworth, but a Offenhauser. I think I seen a few at the Chicago Rod + Custom Show back in the 60’s, not really sure. That was long ago ! Sometime back in the 60’s I hung around a Muffler shop, a old mechanic there told me that they would try to put together whatever they had. If the frame was wider than the body, it would sit on top of the frame. If the frame was narrow, the body sat lower, that what the old man told me, who knows. The high boy/low boy style or as it’s called 'Channeling " . Thanks .