5 off-beat carburetors you’ve got to check out

My brother had a 69 Boss 429 equipped with that short lived NASCAR Holley 3 barrel courtesy of Holmen & Moody.

All I know is “carburetor” is a French word that means "do not touch " .

What about the 49 Merc backdraft carb?

The correct translation of carburetor is: fix me last. That inline four barrel sure looks Weber to me. I no mention of the most adjustable carb in the world? The fabulous Weber side draft that won’t go around a corner!
The Ford Terrible Venturi got a bad rap because of the ignorance of the human working on them. The first thing that Nub at the corner gas station did was get his chemtool out and spray all the crud down between the slides and the body of the carb causing a sticky ruined slide.
Meanwhile I’m back to my HD4 SUs. Bet nobody can guess what I’m fixin’

If I recall back in the 60’s they made a 3 barrel cab I think it was a holley

Aack! You forgot the famous (infamous?) Winfield Carb! I had a pair on my Model A PU, with a B block, C crank and a Gemsa OHV, hooked up to a Ruxtel 4-speed and a Columbia rear end. In granny gear I could climb a telephone pole! The Winfield was gnarly to balance, but when in tune they were great performers, I bought my Model A from Wes Cooper, on the same day that he finalized the purchase of the Winfield line. I paid a whopping $250 for the car, a huge bite for a sixteen year old in 1963! Took my wife of (now) 50 years on our first date in it!

The Detroit Lubricator Model 51 updraft carburetor on my 1930 Packard sure looks a lot like the VARIABLE VENTURI concept with a pair of internal flaps to control air flow.

Despite being nearly 90 years old, it continues to perform extremely well on the 320ci straight eight all-original roller-cam engine. Packard knew what they were doing!

We continue to tour the 7-Passenger Dual Windshield Open Touring car cross-country, and will be driving it on the VMCCA/AACA AAA Revival GliddenTour based in Rock Hill, SC the last full week of this month, along with well over 125 other Pre-WWII vehicles.

Well, later style MG Magnette used HD4s. And somebody has to save the seven remaining MkIII/IV Magnettes… so that’s my guess.

I was wondering if the Predator would come up. I had friend with two on a dual quad setup on an emissions era 350 out a '79 Caprice.
The issue he had? Way too small of an engine with a mismatch if speed parts that resulted in his Nova getting its $#% handed to it by another friend in a very mild 71 Dart with a 318.

If you think one had driveability issues, try driving with two on a stock 350 with compression somewhere in the 8s, too much cam, and a dual quad setup. Yeah, my bud had too much time with a Summit catalog.

I wouldn’t even waste my time with him in my '77 LTD II.

The Holley 4000 teapot? We always called them liberty bells.

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Water powered engines are not a conspiracy it was called a single cycle engine invented and perfected by a New Zealander he to was hounded by the petrochemical company goon squad as was the “Switch Battery” that never went flat brought by a large company and never to be seen again but that’s progress for you. Now the patent office is full of such carb designs that make reality to fiction so it just goes to show you if it sounds unbelievable it is more than likely true

Honestly, the opposite might be true. Aftermarket has honed in on variations of 3-4 designs (AFB/AVS, Double Pumper, Dominator, 4000 series). OEMs tried some wild stuff, like the “teapot” and inline 4V. And the article didn’t even mention the Carter “3-barrel” where the secondaries were merged into a big single throat. I think they built that to a Pontiac requirement, IIRC.

In fact, the “water powered engine” goes back even further. As would be obvious to any observer, the late 17th century is about when it appeared, although the idea was demonstrated millenia ago, by Heron of Alexandria. All one needs to make these things work is water. And an external source of heat.

I worked at Highland Park in engine development. Thermoquad is easier to tune than anything else, and I use it on my several cars. Wish I had seen the $5 display.

fair comment they had flushing toilets and a sewer system as well but there chariots were pulled by horses not single cycle engines and it does not require heat just a starter the rest is perpetual motion controlled by the amount of H’2O introduced .what a wonderful place this would be if our Mustang’s still had four legs and ate grass

One of the things I was told on my very first day as an auto claims adjuster (1970) was to report any engine fires involving a Holley 4 barrel to management. The company was contemplating a lawsuit to recover all the money they had paid out because of these things.

They worked good, when they worked. But I could never grow to love those huge secondaries, and that awful bogging sound at full throttle. … Gary

Indeed. 38 years ago, I bought a used '69 BSA Rocket 3 from Fay Meyers Honda in Denver, and then purchased the Haynes manual so I could maintain it. It clearly describes how to sync up the three Amal carburetors, by sight, and I have used the same method on all the 4-cylinder bikes I’ve owned since. Some know-it-all watched me sync up my '82 Yamaha XJ550 “Maxim”, and challenged me that he could get it better. After hooking up his sync set, he found the carbs were all perfectly set up.

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……speaking of odd carburetors, my Dad has a 1929 Marquette (a Division of Buick, for a few years,
in the late '20’s/early '30’s). He is looking for, among other things, a updraft carb for this car. If anyone has knowledge of these old vehicles, of knows someone that does, I would be eternally grateful for the
reference! Thanks

I have 8 justys. I assumed that all of them went to fuel injection in 91. Tell me more.