5 outrageous reasons to love 1970s FMC Motor coaches


Motor coaches are fascinating to me. Gigantic rolling boxes filled with everything a person needs to lead a fulfilling life, all neatly packed in locking cabinets and fold-out compartments. A 1973 FMC 2900 R is about to close on Bring a Trailer brought these homes-on-wheels back into my daydreams. This thing very well could have been the coolest motor coach on the market—if not exclusively for these 5 reasons.

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I agree with Kyle, so much so that just a week ago I bought a very similar 1974 FMC 2900R for myself.

Here’s a video walk through from when I bought the unit last week.

My oven and range are intact and work perfectly but the refrigerator was replaced in 2002 according to the extensive owner’s logbook that mine came with. And the original A/C unit has been replaced with a roof top unit found on most RVs.

What I noticed is that by turning the driver’s seat 90-degrees counterclockwise and moving the table that is positioned between the couch and the galley kitchen, that it really opens up the front compartment while at the same time, gives the kitchen a lot more preparation space. I also think that the Uniden CB radio is a great period-correct touch. As everything else in the coach works I have every reason to believe that it works as well.

As I am an automotive journalist with extensive experience in self-publishing, I’m planning on producing a print-on-demand book on the history of the short-lived FMC 2900R project. There is a small but very tight-knitted group of FMC owners on the web. From what I have been able to learn that of the 1,051 FMC 2900Rs built, it’s estimated that more than 700 survive to this day.

If you’re an FMC 2900R owner and want to contact me, view my YouTube video and leave me your contact information in the comments section. Or reach out to me via Facebook

Safe Travels,

Rich Truesdell.


Hey @richtruesdell:

Thanks for the comment. Your FMC looks really awesome. I’ll admit I’m a little jealous because the condition of that one looks quite neat and tidy. Looks like a great adventure-mobile.

Have fun with it and be sure to post a couple photos here on the Hagerty forum if you take it out on the road.