5 races to attend before you die, according to Hagerty readers

The joke is that the first race was held shortly after the second car was built. That would mean racing is well over a century old. Some races have documented history of 100 years and are still carrying on.

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Races do happen in countries other than the U.S…

Formula 1 Austin Texas see very expensive cars go around a road track I been told the steering wheel on these cars cost $30,000
( a lot of electronics on it)

I really want to attend the F1 race in Monaco. Amazing location!! The streets of Monaco turn into a racetrack.

Expensive, but worth it.

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@robert.carley - True, and a lot of great ones at that. This list was assembled using input from commenters like yourself, most of whom suggested U.S. Based races.

Thank you for including a motorcycle race. If you like close and exciting racing, nothing beats motorcycles. The fitness and skill levels of these world class athletes is amazing. Many races come down to the last corner with elbows out.

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Three that I’ve been to that are surprising by their absence from this list: 24 Hours at Nurburgring, 24 Hours of LeMans, and the Monaco Grand Prix. I liked the latter two so much I went three times to each.

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Monaco. Take lots of money. And a beautiful consort. Better than trying to see around the ten gallon hats in Austin.

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Well, being in Canada, I might suggest more of a world view of races. Of course, we have Mosport and Mt. Tremblant. Lots of excellent races in England and Europe. That might make a nice follow up article.

I saw heaven back in 1972 at road america watching a can-am race and have never been the same since . Till this day ive never been moved quite the same watching any other race since !!

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I would go to the Monterey Historics before Sonoma or Road America if you can only go to one historic event.

Wow, good list but really…

  • 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Any F1 race is a must, the US at the Circuit of Americas is the cheapest F1 race in the world to attend, my dream is Monaco, but they are all awesome tracks
  • Road America, any race, voted the best track food for like 30 years
  • Daytona 500
  • Monte Carlo Rally
  • Pikes Peak Hill Climb
  • Isle of Mann TT
  • 24 Hours Nürburgring
  • Dakar Rally
  • Bathurst 1000
  • Indianapolis 500
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I agree with graham_paige’s additional races completely and would only add Talladega which I realize is more-or-less covered by the Daytona 500. On any given Sunday or Saturday night I’m not a big NASCAR fan but watching the pack circle a super speedway at 200 mph, inches apart and three wide is thrilling from start to finish. In person those two tracks are HUGE and, like an old school rock concert, you feel the pack down to your bones when it goes by and the bravery of the drivers is awe inspiring.

Road America in the early 60’s, Cobras, Chapparels (sic), Scarabs, Elva Couriers.Not mention Carroll Shelby, Lance Reventlow, Auggie Pabst, Maston Gregory, Phil Hill and Bruce McClarin. It never got any better than that and never will again. Jim

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Having attended most of the top US vintage races, I don’t believe any of them can hold a candle to the Goodwood Revival. A dozen ERAs on the grid, $100 million GT grid, tiny A40 Austins beating up on big Jags and Fords, and everything being driven to within an inch of its life. Fabulous racing, fabulous scene.

For MotoGP, you really want to go to Jerez or Mugello to understand the color and passion for the sport. The races in Austin are are just another stop on the circuit; go to Spain or Italy to see the soul of motorcycle racing.

You also want to see a flattrack mile race, Springfield is the classic. Add the Knoxville Nationals Sprint Car races to the list as well. Then there is…

Kudos to the SVRA at any track but you used a PIC of the esses at Road Atlanta not Sonoma.

Ummmm. Daytona 500?
Just saying.

24 Hours of LeMans and Spa Classic are higher on my bucket list. But any race at Road America is highly recommended.

In the amateur/club road racing arena - the 2017 Sports Car Club of America’s National Championship Runoffs at Indianapolis Motor Speedway where 965 race cars competed over a week; the infield was packed full and several had to be paddocked in the north parking lot. The Runoffs will again be at Indy in 2021. Here is the 2017 race report - https://www.scca.com/events/1980940-2017-scca-runoffs

Attend your local short track or dragstrip where the racers are there for the love of racing not millions of dollars.