5 races to attend before you die, according to Hagerty readers

I had a friend talk me into going to Maple Grove for NHRA Nationals one year. Not my thing but I decided to go along.( I preferred sports car racing, sprint cars and motocross. Many trips to Watkins Glen, Mid Ohio, Budds Creek, Unidilla and many ISDE’s ). We got the pit passes and it was impressive to watch. We were watching a team finish an engine rebuild and the mechanics were putting on gas masks and ear protection while we stupidly stood there and watched. They fired up that engine and everybody scattered! I had flashbacks of teargas at Watkins Glen in the 60"s, and the noise. We were yelling at each other for the rest of the day. It was a good day however and I’ve gone back several times.

The Knoxville Nationals.
The Springfield Mile Camel Series.
Martinsville & Talladega Cup
I would say NHRA INDY, but there hasn’t been a real race in the nitro classes since the went to a thousand feet :unamused: It’s sad that a sport built by hairy chested badasses (Ms Shirley being the exception) like Big Daddy-Snake-Goose-Ace-Conrad-Jungle Jim ect…has been reduced to what it is now, nitro wise speaking only.
It’s 1320 Capps & The PDA should be ashamed of themselves :-1:

Agree with Jeff 100% - Le Mans 24 Hrs has to be top of the list for so many reasons, which include:-
History - started in 1923 so we only have to wait a few year for its 100th anniversary.
Number of Cars - where else will you see a starting grids of in excess of 50+ cars. 2019 there were 61.
Time watching the racing - with four hour practice sessions on Wednesday & Thursday, plus 24 hours of racing on Saturday & Sunday your certainly get your money’s worth.
Value - no crazy priced tickets. Your standard entry ticket this year (2020) is just 89 Euros (currently $82) and that’s for the whole week.
Circuit length - at just under 8.5 miles you have an amazing number of places to watch the action. The start line area, through to the Dunlop Bridge and Tertre Rouge take you to the start of the Mulsanne Straight. Next the Mulsanne corner followed by the Indianapolis / Arnage complex which, from a spectator point of view, has been seriously modified in the past few years to improve the viewing. Then the Ford Chicane section before the start line.
OK I am biased - I have been visiting since 1983 and already have my tickets for this year.

Howard, we moved around at each race to enjoy some of the vantage points you mentioned. However, Arnage was our base. It is a fantastic point from which to see lots of action. Jeff

First order of business: rent time machine. Then just three events but many locations at each.

  1. Targa Florio
  2. Mille Miglia
    3.Carrera Pan America
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Le Mans,it’s timeless.
Monaco especially the Vintage,the ambiance and atmosphere so much better than F1.
Goodwood festival of speed,over the top!

So, no one like the Daytona 24 or the Sebring 12?

Every second year, 2 weeks before the Monaco GP, they hold the Historic Gran Prix of Monaco. Now THAT punches my ticket. Much smaller crowds, more racing on the same historic, incredible race course. See u in 2022.

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Tour de France! It’s got wheels and people steering them among some of the most beautiful country in the world.

The Mitty at Road Atlanta. Great to camp in the infield. Get a golf cart so you can see the whole track and visit the pits.