5 rare and special Corvettes you've probably never heard of


Z06, Fuelie, Big-Brake, Airbox, CERV, Grand Sport, Mako Shark, L-88, ZL-1… The list of rare and special Corvettes isn’t exactly short. Special options, design studies, concepts, and competition models have always been a big part of the Corvette’s mystique. Even in 1953, the sports car’s first year of production, Chevy displayed the Motorama Nomad Dream Wagon, the Motorama Corvair Dream Coupe, and the Motorama Dream Hardtop right alongside the production Corvette. Each predicting the designs of future Corvettes, as well as other Chevy models.

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First ZR1 offered in 1970 NOT 1971.


Production total for the 1967 L88 was 20. Referencing the number of L89’s produced in 1967 as 20 is flat out wrong.


in the 1970’s I had a body shop and purchased a later 1960’s corvette RALLYE coupe model at a salvage company. It had a super large fuel tank which extended into the open rear compartment under the windows and a mechanical computer of some kind in the place on the dash where the clock was. Surely this is a rare model. It was sold to a gentleman in Paterson, NJ and I’ve lost the records as to who purchased it. Must be documented somewhere. With the close proximity of Malcolm Konner Chevy, it may have been specially prepared by them. Many of the Vettes we did over had Konner stickers on them.



Beginning in 1970, every big-block, now 454 cubic inches, used cast iron cylinder heads.


Wrong. Don’t forget about the LS-6. Aluminum heads and intake.


63 to 67 , 36 gallon option was in the zo6 package


1963 to 1967s 36 gallon option was part of Z06 package. Low production Z06 packages were rare. Dash Board Rally Chronometer was probably added by the prior owner before your shop got the Vette. Rally Public Street Meets were common in the larger U.S. towns. England was big on Rally’s in the sixties. When their sportcars came over to the U.S. , the Rally Meets began starting up.


@scott.hoffman According The Genuine Corvette Black Book, there were 16 L89s in 1967.


@marc.k.o.sabine Correct. We’re updating the story.


@pikeslayer Correct, thanks for pointing it out. We’ve updated the story.


I personally owned one of the 1971 LS6 cars. I purchased it in 1975 and owned it until early 1987. I used it as a daily driver (summer and winter) until 1981 and a weekend cruiser from then on.

The build sheet was pretty well faded out when I removed it in 1982 but it was easier to read from the back side although a mirror had to be used to make out the print.

It was a fun fast car with a Turbo Hydro and would snap your neck when the throttle was pushed.



I saw the coupe you mentioned above at Malcolm Konner in the late 60s. I remember it as a 1967 coupe Glenn Green with Black interior.I have inquired about it with several corvette experts but could never verify anything other than it was used for road rally. I was shopping for 68 vert bought International blue 350 two tops. Kronk


I sold my '69 L36 coupe about seven years ago. It was the puny 390hp version of the 427 with cast iron heads and a single QuadraJet 4V. Despite the fact that my car had the F41 handling package, it was a nose heavy beast and was a low 15 second car in the quarter mile per the magazines of the day. I did some research of the available engines in '69 and I know that the cast iron heads on the 390hp L36 and whatever option code Chevy chose to assign to the identical engine rated at 400hp with three deluces, were substantially different from the higher performance models with regard to intake port shapes and efficiencies. There was more than weight working for the L89s and L88s.


Knew a guy who bought a new 66 47 with a Z06 package 36 gallon tank radio delete that someone else had ordered but did not follow through with the purchase. Destroyed it in the rain a week later…gone.


Right…I was offered one in the 80s but I didn’t like the color…dark green and tan interior. He was a savvy car dealer collector and I did not pursue it assuming he wanted more that I would pay at the time.


I believe you could get a Z06 without the 36 gallon tank. Early 80s I found a 63 all original with the 36 gallon tank but I was looking for a 62 fuelie at the time so I passed at $35,000…lot more that the 62 would have been then.


My dad had a 71 ls6 auto as well. Ontario orange black interior radio delete. I believe there were less than 10 ls6 autos built. That car showed up at Barrett Jackson this past year sold for just about 200000 with premium.


The blue SR-2 raced by Jerry Earl was at the Amelia Island Concours this year. Really gorgeous car!


I have had several Corvettes 1964 through 1984. One Corvette that I feel was also rare was the 1965 solid lifter 365 HP which was available with air conditioning. I believe this was the only solid lifter Corvette produced with air conditioning. Loved my Corvettes but I am too tall to fit into the newer models.