5 rare and special Corvettes you've probably never heard of


It’s rather interesting you completely missed my point. And the Black Book confirms as such.

To reiterate, there were 20 L88’s. As you have noted, 16 L89’s.


@scott.hoffman Not that interesting, really, just not enough coffee. You’re right, and we’ve updated the story to reflect the 16 L89s, not the 20 as originally published.


I wish I had an image. But I was the driver for a very funny lady, a 1967 Conv/Elephant motor 427/0.60 over/Jesel blue printed/welded brackets for air bags/5 grand hole shot Monmouth St, Red Bank/camber set to negative so when it lanched it would pick up the LF wheel/ 90-10s and 50-50’s in the rear/ 10.09-138 in the Quarter/won '68 Spring Nationals Raceway Park … and it would get 14 mpg on the street !


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Hello, first of all I know nothing other than stories but would love someone to give me correct information! A relative of mine has a 1966 Sting Ray he is interested in acquiring the history on. We have been told a lot of stories about it belonging to some kind of racing team but have no facts. It has (if they aren’t factory someone did a fantastic job making it look that way) fender flares on all 4 wheels, 3 taillights instead of 2, among other things. The VIN is #186. Any info on this car would be greatly appreciated thank you


Hi, I found this review helpful.


Drove second the sr2 in 1988
Car was found in a junk yard by a close friend of mine and restored. although the car was missing the seats and tachometer (1991 corvette magazine complained it had t bird seats ) and of course engine.
The real key to that car is a corvette history book that Zontov signed under the before and after pictures.


I remember seeing quite a few of the Corvette’s with 6 taillights and seldom see them today. Always figured a lot were removed during restorations but in a way sad, they are removing history, It’s the way they were.


You failed to mention one of the rarest Corvettes ever produced… the 69 ZL-1 all aluminum 427… only 2 made… I have seen one of them owned by Rogers Corvettes in Orlando… https://www.rogerscorvette.com/collection.htmzl1_lf3


You are correct the “tanker” cars were first introduced 199 of them as a Z06 model the first year for the Z06. GM also made the tanker cars available coupes only up until 1967 in the C-2 models.