5 sales from Monterey that broke our price guide


From time to time a public sale changes how we perceive a car’s value. We call these breakout sales—ones that ether mark a step change for a particular model’s value or otherwise put a car on the map for a broad base of enthusiasts. Breakout sales have been few and far between in 2018. Until Monterey Car Week, that is. Here are five that not only sold for higher than their Hagerty Price Guide value, but we think set a new standard.

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CLK GTR, the famous flipping car that nearly killed Peter Dumbreck. I am surprised they’re worth much - they were hopeless at Le Mans.


And what about this one? A 1957 Citroën DS19 sold $192,500 (without reserve) at Gooding and Co. Pebble Beach 2018 auction! The Hagerty value is 56,000, the auction house estimated 70,000-90,000 dollars…


@blackwind That sale is just as puzzling to us as well. In fact it is the second highest selling DS19 we have tracked at auction ever. I was able to look at the car in person before the sale and the overall condition was actually along the lines of being slightly better than a #3 according to our scale (looks good form a distance but small flaws can be spotted up close). There was interest in the car before the sale but not strong enough for anyone to expect to see the price paid. In general, DS19 Sedans have been selling within our suggested price range fairly reliably.

The main reason why this DS19 was not highlighted in the article was that it is too early to call this a trend setter like with the other cars on the list. At this point Hagerty’s Valuation team is viewing the sale as a significant outlier, if we can confirm more sales in the coming months, then it will be time to start considering raising prices in our guide to meet the new market. Rest assured, we will be watching this market closely because of this sale.


What about the 1961 Jaguar XKE Coupe that sold for $720,000 at RM? I know the early flat floor, welded bonnet, outside latch cars are rare and desirable but I have never heard of a coupe breaking $400,000. This result is puzzling when you consider that in general XKE prices have leveled off.


@carmaven That too was more of an anomaly like the Citroen that was previously commented about. The E-Type had a lot going for it but even in the room when bidding was going on, there were a lot of surprised gasps as bidding continued past the $500,000 mark. I would not call this a trend setting sale like the ones mentioned in the article. I am doubtful we will see a coupe selling in this range in the immediate future