5 steps to bring your car out of storage

The snow mounds are receding and the mercury is beginning to rise for much of the U.S., which means that many gearheads are eyeballing their currently tucked-away vintage rides. If you are giddy with anticipation about driving that long-stored vehicle, here are five steps to follow to get your next driving season started off smoothly.

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Before you check your car, check your fire extinguisher.

If it is good to go, have it handy. Follow Kyle’s checklist and you shouldn’t need it, I know of one classic C10 that didn’t have one handy and burned to the ground.

I keep one in the passenger compartment of my classic at all times.

@pepperalls - I hope I never need either of them, but I keep two fire extinguishers in my shop. By the door and by the workbench (opposite sides of a 30 foot space.) I have come close to needing one, and it was not fun. It really served as a wake up call.

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