5 surprisingly popular cars among Hagerty clients


When you think of the typical classic car owner, it’s usually a Tri-Five Chevy or a ’65 Mustang in the garage. And when looking at buyer interest measured by Hagerty’s online insurance quote activity, that is mostly still the case. Hagerty sees more than 60 quotes per day for first-gen Mustangs and over 45 for C3 Corvettes. But there are some increasingly popular cars entering the collector and enthusiast market that are seeing as much or more buyer interest as mainstream classic cars. Newer vehicles in general are getting more popular among Hagerty clients, but in terms of how high buyer interest has become relative to the rest of the market, here are five of the most surprisingly popular cars.

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The Subaru Alcyone SVX 1991 - 1996 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subaru_Alcyone_SVX
still seems to be a hidden game stone. I bought one recently because I wanted to have a special winter car.

Living in Switzerland I like the 4WD. The car is pure fun to drive; the price is still very low, but will increase I’m sure.


@ruedim I have a weird love for the SVX. In the United States they were kind of an oddball - people didn’t understand the half windows and it was heavy and underpowered compared to the other Japanese sports cars of the era. That kept prices low. Aside from transmissions that needs early replacement the SVX is supposed to be fairly trouble free. Some people even convert it to fit the 5-speed manual from the Forester.