5 unexpected places you can score a sweet classic

Buying a car can be the second largest investment of a person’s life, yet some people don’t search nearly hard enough for a good deal. That’s especially true when it comes to classic cars, which can be sold in any number of places—not just dealerships, as with new cars. If you are shopping for a new-to-you ride, here are five spots to look outside of general auctions, Craigslist, and dealer lots.

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I just sold my ‘57 Chevy at a Wednesday night cruise. You price it right, they swarm like bees around it. I sold it on the first day. I’ve also shopped at cruises and car shows. There are a couple that I considered over priced that are still for sale since last year. Had they been reasonable, I could’ve been driving one of them.

There are usually cars for sale at swap meets.