50 years hasn’t slowed Don “The Snake” Prudhomme


There’s a photo of Don “The Snake” Prudhomme (above) from the mid-1970s that illustrates what made him such an intimidating competitor. He’s in a T-shirt and fire-suit pants, holding a jackrabbit at the starting line of Fremont Drag Strip. The rabbit looks startled. Prudhomme looks as cool as ice. The story, he says, is that a group of racers were standing around waiting for track prep when this little critter came running right down the drag strip. Prudhomme leaned down and snatched him up, to the surprise of man and beast. Imagine being a driver about to face off in a test of reaction times against someone who just grabbed a running rabbit with his bare hands. The bunny was set free in a field; Prudhomme’s reputation was set in stone.

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Haven’t. 50 years haven’t slowed Don …


I’m sorry, But I had to stop reading the great article because it turned into a race thing. It’s enough that the media is flooding the news with it. I was just reading the article of a great racer and then it turned into a racial thing. I had seen The Snake many times and never consider any thing about race. He is and always be a great racer and I wouldn’t care if he was purple. Why does everybody have to bring up race. It seem the media is trying to cause a problem .