50 years later, Lamborghini confirms the identity of the Miura in The Italian Job

A car that has been a mystery for a half century has been identified by the Lamborghini in-house restoration shop as the Lamborghini Miura that appeared in the 1969 film The Italian Job.

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As the owner of the first production Miura, I would find the history of the crashed and dumped over the cliff car to be more interesting.
The good die young.
What can you find out about that one?

I was 19 in 1969. Immediately I fell in love with that Lambo back then. I believe if Lambo produced that very car body today but with with all of the required and wanted mechanical and technological advances of today, there’d be a waiting line to buy them. It’s still stunning to look at, like so many things Italian.

I heard that the Miura that went over the cliff was stolen before the film crew had a chance to remove it. Any information on whether or not that is true? Or what did happen to the wrecked car?

I would assume that its damaged body was removed, and a fiberglass volkswagen beetle body grafted onto the chassis.