50th Anniversary Z adds retro touches to Nissan’s venerable coupe


In its eleventh year of production, Nissan’s 370Z has acquired a bit of accidental retro glamour, and not without reason. It’s still the same blunt instrument it was in 2009, still available with a stick shift, still powered by a naturally-aspirated big-bore, short-stroke V-6 --- and in an era where new-car prices have climbed at a dismaying rate, it’s become a bit of a bargain. There’s no longer much clear air between the flat-four Toyota GT86 and the lower half of the surprisingly comprehensive 370Z range, and if the Nissan doesn’t have quite the same knife’s-edge balance it has the advantage of being significantly faster.

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Z cars are a great! as it is hard to find a true classic sport car that has a 6 year warranty . and off the showroom floor will not be embarrassed at places like Road Atlanta by many autos that cost 2 or 3 times as much.