'57 Bel Air Beauty


While visiting a junkyard one day in 1969, I laid eyes on a burgundy 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hardtop with black seats. It was in great condition and before I knew it I was happily driving it home with 500 dollars less in my wallet. I later took my future wife Deloris on dates at the movies in it; we were married one year later. We have two sons, Darren and Bryan, who loved riding in the car as young kids.
In 1994 we decided it was time to restore it. Some of my closest friends and I worked several hours a week on the ‘57. After it was broken down all the way to the frame we noticed that it’s original color was canyon coral. After four years of hard work the car was finished in 1998. We painted it victory red, a color inspired by our son Darren’s 1996 Chevrolet truck, and the interior is gray with a victory red dash. The steering wheel was made by our son Bryan in his machine shop. It is equipped with a four-speed transmission, small block, disc brakes, and air conditioning. As a finishing touch, we embroidered a Chevrolet emblem with the number 57 in the center of the back seat. We took it to several car shows together and won many trophies and plagues. We also won first place in the Super Chevy Show in 2000 and got the privilege to meet Chip Foose!
20 years and another generation of our family later, this car still holds a very special place in our hearts. Our son Darren and his wife Beth gave us two grandsons: Samuel, 17; and Jared, 13. Our other son Bryan and his wife Misty gave us one granddaughter: Camryn, 18. When they were children, we would ride in many parades with the ‘57 and let the kids toss candy to people. These beautiful memories have kept this car in our family for generations and it means the world to us. We are so thankful for the 49 years of fun with this car and we hope to have many more years to enjoy it.