58 Chevy Apache Bed

I’m getting ready to install a new wooden bed in my 1958 Chevy Apache 32. I want to apply the best clear finish that will hold up the best. Any advice?

Rebecca, I have a '55 3100 stepside and a '59 31 Apache. I have refinished the floor in both of them. Take your time. Do it right the first time. I sanded mine with 200 then 400 sandpaper. Then I applied 7 (yes 7) coats of acrylic marine varnish with a light sanding between coats. The result is an extremely durable finish that resists weather and washing. Be sure to put at least 2 or 3 costs on the bottom and all edges to keep moisture out. Good luck.

Thanks! One question though: have you had any issues with the varnish “yellowing”?
Yes, we will definitely take our time & hopefully do it the right way!

No problem with yellowing. Use a good quality MARINE varnish - acrylic or polyurethane. Any home store (Lowe’s, Home Depot) has it. Also, I cover mine with shipping blankets anytime I carry anything in it, like chairs or coolers for a car show, etc. Good luck.