6 beautiful Brits buy, sell, or hold

From cheap and cheerful roadsters to posh luxury saloons and million-dollar hypercars, the British have done it all. Yes, we could make the same tired old jokes about Lucas electrics all day, but Americans fell in love with British cars back in the 1940s and for many of us the spark is definitely still there even if the likes of MG, Triumph and Austin-Healey are no longer with us.

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And why no big Healy’s in this list?

The Jag and RR are dogs, unless you are really into them, there are better Jags, clearly the MG T’s, maybe the A’s belong as does the AH Healy’s

I’ll go further and say don’t touch anything old and British with a barge pole.

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Astounded there is no late 50’s MGA in here

I’m surprised the MGC or B with engine conversions didn’t make the list.

the XJS jaguars , like ALL jaguars represent a lot of car for the money… they are extremely enjoyable car to drive IF ‘right’… th issue is the same one that has always plagued them… poor maintenance and ignorant mechanics who are clueless about serving and repairing them properly…plus due to economics, corners were cut doing manufacture. steell water line in hard to get to places that fail if not replaced on schedule etc… UK/US ‘hybrids’ created by fitting GM power trains in these cars are ONE answer to enjoyabale budget motoring for the equiv cost of a 60k mile service on the V12… as for the RR bentley cars :- the mid 90s cars never cut it as regards elegance in design for me… hard to beat a ‘Shadow’ and its variants ('67-80) as regards ‘bang for the buck’… nothing else drives quite like them…( if it has been properly maintained) but an absolute nightmare if its been allowed to go downhill. Triumph Spitfire ? seriously ? poorly made overall, flexible separate frame , and the later ones with smog equip cant get out of thier own way… the sprite/midget a far better bet of you seek tiny car in this class. Sunbeam Tiger…never ‘cut it’ like the AC cobra…and prices have risen out of proportion compared to ‘other’ classics… they had shortcomings from the get go ( which knowledgable people can resolve) Iv’e said onough … others can come in…

What about beautiful 1950’s Morgan flat rad plus fours?

The article mentions that MGA’s, like the TR3, are retreating, but what about the Twin Cam, which is becoming a real rarity?

No late 90 and early 2000 Aston Martin DB7 420BHP V12s on the list yet but they’ll be there soon enough.

I agree.
I’ve owned many jags, two spitfires and an mg.
Stay away from these very poor handling, poor acceleration, poor breaking, Electrical nightmares. And RUST! You will chase rust on these old British cars every day.

I agree: why frustrate yourself with a British “bomb”? Having said that, what about the very reasonable Sunbeam Alpine? Or an MGTF, TD, or A? Original Mini Coopers too. Now I’ll get into my Cadillac and drive to the beach😊

I’m surprised this discussion leaves out the Daimler Sp250. There were only 2500 of them made and they should be pretty valuable. Any comments?

Picked up an 88’ xjs convert. with less then 50K miles for my grandson for 3k.runs like a honey.
bargain indeed tho i don’t like the feel of the ride.no great road feel.give me an alfa.

Well my '94 XJS 4L in-line 6 has been my daily driver for 11 years and has 160K miles. So much for the stories. The “facelift” 92-96 has great rust proofing; attested to here in the well named Salt Lake City.
It is a wonderful touring car on the highway and well suited to our mountains. I particularly like the his and hers cigar ashtrays in the wood console. And you can throw plenty of luggage in the boot.
I drive my Brits and enjoy the drives.

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I agree on the MG - A. A beautiful car. I’ve recently had a '52 Morgan Flat Rad “Skimpy” and ran it on the Cal. Mille last year. Other than no weather protection, a perfect ride. I also had a Super charged Bugeye and it was more fun from 30 to 50 than any ride. Presently I drive a Morgan - 3 every nice day. Again more kicks than most anything out there. Yes…they are English, just like Italian, but they exude personality. ……Jim.

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Timing has never been my strong suit. I’m getting ready to put my Bugeye on the market (hold). Just bought a TR3A (sell). Sold my Series 2 Lotus Seven 3 years ago for $33K ( Hagerty says its worth north of $70K today. Good thing I’m having fun.

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When my wife expressed interest in a 6 cylinder XJS I held my breath. All British cars have been panned over the years and I felt the Jag starting to pull on my wallet. One of my concerns was the Lucas electrical (the Prince of darkness) installation, but the convertible was very pretty and Northern California is perfect for convertibles. She drove the car for 20 years with very few problems, which amazed me. I did replace all the relays, but other than that the car seemed to get by with only scheduled maintenance. I will say it is one of the quietest convertibles I have ridden in at highway speeds (top up). I know that this is probably an anomaly.

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You missed another Jaguar: the XJC. Perhaps the rarest of modern jaguars with only 1800 made in V12 RHD form it’s been climbing - slowly- in value. Also Sir William Lyons reported favorite. A keeper for sure.

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I had a 1960 MGA Twin Cam. What a marvellous car. It did 160 mph with the top of one of the twin carbs covered in tin foil. Sadly it required two engine rebuilds in one year so I traded it for one of the first TR4A’s to arrive in Vancouver. Loved it? Great car for rallying, but when children came, the jumps seat which fit the dog was not satisfactory for a child. Many years passed and I now own and drive an MGF 1998 RHD which I bought in Cyprus and imported back to Canada. I just love it but it does get some funny looks as people pass and there is no driver on the left side. I miss all my British cars and wish I could trace them but unlike the UK where the licence plate is permanent, they are not in BC. My MGF has its British plate on the front and its Alberta plate on the rear. It is a joy to drive and quite modern compared to the cars of the 60’s.

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