6 cars coming on strong halfway into 2019

The collector car market certainly isn’t as volatile as the energy sector or cryptocurrency, but prices do change—sometimes by quite a bit—and that’s why we keep a constant eye on them. One way we do this is with the Hagerty Vehicle Rating. If you don’t know what the heck that means, take a second to read our brief explanation below:

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Bought an 82 Supra in 87 off a used car lot. Loved that car so much. It was a blast to drive. Used to drive it back and forth from Texas to Georgia when I was in the military and it never let me down. Sold it just before I got out of the military but had nothing but great memories of it. Glad they are on the rise.

Bought the Mitsubishi 3000GT SL new in 1992. Still in excellent shape. Still think it’s the best looking
Of the Japanese performance cars of the 80/90’s.
What fun it is to try to find parts that actually work.
That’s the fun of it though.

Bought an '84 Supra Type ‘P’ back in '85, white over blue and a five speed. Absolutely LOVED that car. Beautiful and crisp lines, fantastic drivetrain, and that legendary Toyota quality. One of my all-time favorite cars.

Regarding the Mark-II Supra, you mention them being “beaten on, raced, modified, or crashed” as reasons good ones are hard to find.

You left out RUST. These cars will rust if you squint wrong at them. I’ve seen cars that lived by the ocean that had rust holes big enough to put your fist through. Cars from areas that salt the roads all dissolved before Y2K happened, and cars from desert areas that truly are rust-free will have baked-out, dry-rotted interiors.

Welcome to the world of 1980’s Japanese cars…

I loved those Supras back in the 80s and wanted a 84 or 85 but they were too pricey, so I first bought a white 82 with black leather. I was into painting so ended up painting it Porsche red (color change is a big job) but it turned out great!! Then around 1987 I found a minty 84 5 speed with 42,000 miles from a lady owner. It was perfect, it smelled new inside!! I generally babied it but raced it once. It ran low 16s at around 88mph. I sold it in 93. A few years later I found a burgundy 85 5 speed with gray leather and drove that car everywhere. It made a great looking and super smooth cross country road car. I noticed the prices were not dropping any longer when I sold the 85 … so I figured these might be collectable someday. I’m glad i got to enjoy a few back in the day!! 84%20Supra_|690x477

I bought an ‘82 MKII in ‘86 and had it for 10-years when engine wore out at 254k-miles. Amazingly awesome car and was extremely reliable. Only thing I ever had to replace on it was alternator. I just put gas in it and changed oil and brake-pads occasionally and that was it. Been looking for another one for years now, but it they’ve all been in bad shape.

I currently own a black 85 p type. I inherited it from my father in law. He bought it new in 85. It just needed some paint and a little TLC and it runs like a top! I get stopped by onlookers everywhere I go. She’s a really attractive machine. I feel very fortunate to own this increasingly rare beauty!

re. Ford GT

I think that your valuation of the Ford GT is not really accurate. When these cars were new on the showroom floor I routinely saw them at twice the sticker price after a 100% dealer markup from the dealers cutting a fat hog for themselves. Because of that the price would be approximately stagnant at this time. Very sad when you have to be screwed over for the privilege of buying over m.s.r.p. by twice.

I had an 82 Black Supra that I owned from new and held for 19 years. Very reliable and so good looking. I kept it 100% stock and sold it only because a second kid was on the way and 2 baby seats in the back just wasn’t going to work. Great car. Not very fast by today’s standards but fast enough to be sporty and fun. I love the styling. Very angular, shark like and pure 1980s.

I wish that Bring a Trailer was around back then so it could have found a wider audience.

I’ve wanted a 968 for a while now and I wasn’t in a position to purchase a play-thing car until recently. I kick myself in the butt everytime I see an article that says they have soared “##% in the past three years.”

At least I got a great 2004 Z06 Corvette with low miles as my daily driver. Those are sure to be strong performers (no pun intended) in terms of appreciation.