6 Japanese supercars you’ve probably never heard of


At Friday’s Quail Motorsports Gathering, a glittering must-attend stop on any tour of Monterey Car Week, visitors can expect to find both common and very unusual visitors from the Land of the Rising Sun. James Bond fans will be delighted to see the shining perfection of Takeshi Moroi's convertible Toyota 2000GT, one of two cars built for 1967's You Only Live Twice. Everyone else will scratch their head at the spaceship parked on the lawn, a wedge-shaped supercar that's like a Maserati Boomerang built by samurai.

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I did not notice that the Cadillac Allante has ever been mentioned as a possible collector. How are they viewed in the auto market and do they have a future value to anyone in the car world?


Hi Joe,
It looks like our most recent stories on the Cadillac Allante are from 2016. The first discusses Cadillac’s multiple attempts to compete with the Mercedes SL and the second was more of a market oriented look at the values of these cars.

You can find both here:


These are all awesome! If the 90s economic boom had lasted just a few more years we could have seen some truly incredible road cars.


As I read about Yamaha building a super car all I can think about is how they breathed life into the Ford company by way of the SHO. Most people never knew or forgot the top end of the 3.0 and 3.2l first and second generation of the domestic sleeper sedan were powered by those 3 tuning forks. I loved my 93 3.2 up until I totaled it as a dumb 20 something year old. I did buy it back from insurance and still have the full drivetrain in the barn just waiting for use. I had a performance transmission built by Doug at Ford Performance Specialist of Georgia installed just a thousand miles before it’s demise.
On a side note I last saw that beautiful long short intake in a factory built Yamaha jet boat; guess they had other plans after Ford gave them the boot in 1996 opting for the European derived 3.4 V8 for the 3rd gen SHO.


Anyone who’s played the Gran Turismo series of games has driven at least three of these cars. The TK ZZ was the go-to car in many of the GT6 Seasonal events. Sadly, GT Sport isn’t the same game as it’s predecessors and these cars are missing from the lineup.