6 late-model sports cars to buy, sell, or hold

Vw got away with it with the classic beetle for almost 6 decades.

Citroen got.away with it for probably 7 decades with the 2cv.

Jeep, with the jeep jeep, well maybe it isn’t the exact same vehicle but still kind of true to the original model in some ways.

Of the 3 of these, I would hedge bets that the Japanese look up to the lowly beetle more than either of the other 2 models.

srattner I challenge your claim that the AMG beats the 911 in many/all categories. Clearly not the case from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eja4pulcGik

The GTS vs the 911 Turbo?! That’s an odd match. You picked the one video that makes no sense. Try the GTR against the Turbo, or better yet, the GT3. The GTR was faster than the GT3 around the ‘ring, and is easily a match if not better than the GT3 in most respects.

Go and read Car & Driver, R&T, Automobile… also watch Schmee’s comparison of both cars. Why do you think he sold his GT3 after just a few months, and kept his GTR, and then bought a GT3 Pro?? Schmee doesn’t need to sell any cars, BTW.

Makes perfect sense to me, when I compare cars, I like to do it in a manner that I’m comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges. You want to compare an everyday driver Porsche 911 Turbo to a AMG GTR or GT3, now that makes no sense! Let’s compare your GTR or GT3 to a Porsche 911 S, as you will see in the link, https://fastestlaps.com/comparisons/5tvfspb1eln5

These 2 cars are much closer in comparison than just a 911 Turbo. The Porsche 911 S still comes out on top, those are the facts!

My 2016 C63s has the same engine as your AMG GT C, although that will be over in the next year or two. Surely then this version will now become rarer and rarer. Lack of grip is a bonus for me, when I turn off traction control.

A car without a manual transmission should never be referred to as a sports car. At the rate things are going we’ll soon have the “autonomous sports car” within my lifetime. What a drag. A sports car is not just about sheer performance but maximizing the interaction required between the driver and the car.

Manufacturers slap new labels on their latest automatic transmissions - automotive journalists should respond in kind. Categorize such cars as “High-Performance”, “Ultra-Fast” or “Super-Duper” if need be but please don’t call a car with an automatic transmission a Sports Car.

Personally, I don’t compare these 2 makes. Both are great. I’ve owned many of both, but now I’m 69, so I’ll always pick a Benz, because of comfort and luxury. Believe me, I’ve made huge mistakes getting rid of both, as the values of some of them have mooned. My biggest regret was giving my wife a short wheelbase '68 911s to my ex wife. I paid 20K for it back in '79…now I could swap it for a GT2.

Not really the same- the AMG GT engine is dry sump, plus in a completely different location and with a lot more cooling and different turbos.

The W204 C63 is the bigger classic, with the 6.2…but any V8 AMG will hold its value in the long term if well cared for.

Awesome. Appreciate it. I don’t suppose there is any way to adjust for mileage?

Here’s what I’d do if I were you and needed or wanted this info… Put the kbb website to work to figure out the arithmetic for mileage depreciation.

After all, this is a 21st century car, and the values can be found and had easily there.

Then, take that depreciation rate and its resulting math and apply it to what you see at the hagerty valuation guide.

Good idea. I’ll do that.

@topher339 - It is condition based, rather than just milage based. The conditions are described on the left of the page (down by the graph). Mileage is just one factor of condition, you can absolutely have a #2 condition high-mileage car, and you can also have a #4 condition very low-mile car.

Adding a depreciation factor to what is there serves to skew the data, but not in your favor.

My choices for a pure sports car a Cayman GT4, a sports coupe a BMW 1M (if you can find one), total over the top luxury sports car I won the ****ing lottery a Pagani Zonda.
Having a 997.2 as a daily driver I love it, keep think about something new then decide not to bother. However Porsche sold a lot of them it will never be worth a fortune but if you go down that route buy an interesting color combination, finding one that isn’t silver(grey) black or white is hard work.

C8 = POS - steam, NOT Corvette;

I thought Nissan did pretty well with the original NSX from 1991 to 2005

Lots of great OPINIONS in the comments but I didn’t really see anybody offering much factual or statistical information other than staged videos. I would suggest the inclusion of actual factual material that can be compared and contrasted if your opinion varies. Otherwise your commenting/personal challenges, particularly the one below, endangers you of being seen as a troll. Just an opinion, of course, but one supported by the overall e-community.

“Your views are contrary to what every other reviewer has noticed! You’re entitled to your views of course; but they have no basis in fact, or common reality.”

fyi, I don’t revisit comments so feel free to flail away.

AMG’s are definitely missing from this list. I think a 2012 to 15 C63 coupe with a M156 is a much better alternative to the M3 mentioned above.

I am a second generation Porsche Pusher who has driven and owned up thru the 996. The best Porsche for the dollar is the gen 2 996. For me the next best to drive and still gives me a thrill is the 928 GT. If you can’t shift or are constantly city driving try a 928 S4. The only good looking Porsche convertible that is turning a profit is the 968.

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Depends on your definition of “decent”. I sold a 2003 M3 with SMG tranny 4 years ago for $5,000. I had bought it 3 years prior at a salvage auction (intending to develop it into an autocross/time trial car. Paid just $8,000–it had been repossessed and the repo driver did not know how to operate an SMG transmission. I managed to talk the guys at the yard into letting me run it through 3 gears and reverse and it acted fine. I drove it for a week to check it out and decided, despite having logged 134,000 miles, it was way superior to my BMW 330CI convertible, and made it my daily driver and sold the 330CI.

It had no mechanical issues and the odometer showed 169,000 miles when I sold it. The exterior and interior were not show quality but not bad either.

Why did I sell it? Was inferior as an autocrosser and time trialer to the Z06 I had before, and my highly modified Alfa Romeo GTV6 3 liter was lapping NOLA Motorsports Park long course 2 seconds faster. It did do well at the Drag n Lap event, thanks to the launch mode.

I do not miss it. I sold the Alfa Romeo about the same time and have regretted that ever since.