6 of the best cars from the swinging ’70s—according to Hagerty readers

What about the '78 and '79 Dodge Magnum. '78 was the last year of the big blocks and '79 could have the E-58 360. Very cool cars…

I am so glad that the Pontiac Grand Am made the list. As a true owner of a white on white 1975 Grand Am with a 400 cu in engine and the TH400 auto tranny, it was my baby. I bought it used literally from an old lady whose son had bought it for her… with 33K on the ODO and the passenger and rear seats still covered with the plastic from the factory, I found parked in her front yard barely broke in. He ordered it with the special heavy duty suspension and put a caterpillar battery in it. He owned a trucking company and they did some additional suspension work so it handled great.

I put on headers, dual exhaust, changed the heads, upgraded the carb, pulled the belt for the the A/C, put on BF Goodrich 60 T/A radials all the way around with aluminum turbine mag wheels and had quite a sleeper that never saw a winter. I loved that car so much that I would spend two days cleaning it every spring. You could drive down the road just by watching the reflection in the hood. It was luxury inside and could do nearly 140mph on the freeway. It wasn’t super fast off the line because it was just too heavy for that, but on the open road it handled like a dream at high speeds with the RTS suspension and the upgrades.

I know it doesn’t get much love in the car collector realm, but I loved that car and can guarantee that if you owned one when it was nearly new, you would have loved it too. Just can’t find a white on white 1975 in great shape because there were so few of them. There is one beautiful example in Canada, but that guy will take it to his grave.

Got to be my 1974 Corvette Stingray.

No Rivieras? None? Wow…the 70 Riv had massive torque and that 455 engine cranked out horsepower. I know the 71-73 Boat tail design is polarizing but I’m still surprised not to see them mentioned.

With apologies to the Z-car, Revlon never made enough lipstick for these pigs.

And if a Maverick was a ‘muscle car’ then I am a flying pig!

Some of them had style, all of them were mechanical bad dreams.

I had a '72 240Z and it was a great car. Bettymae needs to reserve her lipstick for her drag queen evenings. You forgot to mention the '71 Boss 351 Mustang.

My '69 was a remarkable car. The '74 had already started to lose to the EPA.

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I too had a couple 73 Grand Ams. Now I have a 72 Grand Prix. apr%206%206

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I had a 1978 Datsun 280Z when in college. My girlfriend, now wife of 32 years, had the Trans Am and a 1977 Camaro. I miss the Datsun, but really wish we still had the Trans Am! Great to see the old cars being appreciated.

Well I have to honestly say my favorite car from the 70s is a 1970 Buick Rivera GS 455 with buckets ! Light Green and black leather interior and black vinyl top.

I have owned 2 of my favorite cars from the '70s. A 1970 Dodge Challenger and a 1976 Corvette. Neither were muscle cars but they looked great and were a lot of fun to drive. I have now gone back to 1960s cars, pre emissions, pre safety crap, pre computer. Super easy to work on, VERY reliable, and they look wonderful compared to what you see on the road today. I just can’t get enough of carburetors and points and condenser ignition.

No Cosworth Vega?:face_with_monocle:

Mavericks could be attractive, like the light blue one (1973?) in the photo. But…a muscle car? Hardly. With the 302 V8, it was brisk - but not muscular, even by the diminishing standards of the early 1970’s.

Not a big fan of the 240Z (I never liked 2-seaters that were not convertibles), but it was OK. I would take any of the others on the list, except the Grand Am (or any 1973-1977 midsize Pontiac). I could not understand how Pontiac could take the basic body of the stylish Cutlass or the clean-lined Chevelle, and make it into a pointy mess.

I agree - all of my car-freak friends liked the split bumper (RS only?), but I liked the classic, European (or so it seemed to me) look of the full bumper models.

A great list I had several on your list -A red orange 1973 240z- dark green 1973 super duty trans am - Red 1977 Trans Am still have - had a orange 1976 bmw 2002 for a company car back in 76-77 not on your list but fun was a silver 1969 opal gt

Mavericks were not muscle cars, but the 2 door versions make GREAT hot rods and drag racers. At this point I would say any carbureted 2 door rear wheel drive car is or soon will be collector material. Computer cars never will be.

The Mark IIIs were great cars, but I preferred the Mark IV with the opera window.