6 of the funkiest art cars

We like to tinker, tune, and fix, but these art cars witness to something else we love about the automobile. They're lightning rods for fashion statements, celebrity history, racing heritage or just plain old aesthetic mastery. Well, the same goes for trucks if you consider the colorful monstrosity of a Volvo doctored up by graffiti artist Banksy in 2000, now up for auction on Bonham’s block this September.

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Trixie by Troy Henriksen

Not sure how the BMW’s made this list.

The harlequin golf was foreshadowed by a 60s vw ad with a beetle done up the same way point being about the interchangeability of parts across years.

One other artistic ride not mentioned was the white vw thing from the tv series switched at birth.


Lotus Elise Art Car. Hand painted by Neil Ratnavira

Ellis D’s microbus in Golden Gate Park as fans gathered to mourn Jerry Garcia, August, 1995artcar7

The ironic thing about the Janis Joplin car is that the original paint job was done in a day or so using some kind of over the counter paint (poster paint or artist’s acrylic?), but to restore the paint job using modern automotive paint took months. An example of something that was suppose to be ephemeral turning into an historical artifact.

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My BMW inspired 73 TA.

Scrap Daddy’s Garage tiki bar car