6 special (and not so special) editions

Special edition cars are an age-old concept. Take the run-of-the-mill production car and sprinkle on a little more exclusivity—anything from limited edition colors to race track tech. Commemorate an anniversary. Cater to a specific audience. The recipe’s not exactly foolproof, though—special editions can go sideways in undesirable ways too. Here are three examples of the good and three of the bad.

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Let’s not forget the venerable 1968-1974 Hurst Olds series; definitely GOOD!

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@tahvet - Now those are pretty sweet!

Growing up in the late 70s -early 80s, my neighbor had a yellow Levi’s Gremlin. They called it “The Shoe” and while it was just a Gremlin, the Levi’s stickers on the front fenders made it so cool to all the neighborhood kids…the adults probably didn’t think so but whatever! I remember the day they brought it home used. I think they paid like $100 for it not running. God how I miss $100 (and free for that mater) cars!

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