6 sports cars to buy sell hold may 2018


As temperatures rise, the days stretch longer and the open road calls like a child crying for ice cream. You suddenly find yourself in the market for something fun to drive. A sports car, perhaps?

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I own a 1991 dodge stealth rt all wheel drive all wheel steering twin turbo with 150,000 miles on it but it has a new transmission bembro brakes a custom $3000. Exhaust system Bridgestone portenza racing tires too would I be better off selling it this summer or holding it
Condition is very good


I agree with the article IF you are buying just for investment. I invest to invest, my collector cars are my hobby. I have owner collector cars for 22 years and I have had the pleasure of owning 6 cars from the 20’s through the 60’s.

It is obvious to me, cars become valued when previous teenagers reach their 40’s and 50’s and usually have disposable income to buy the car they dreamed of at 18. Today, the 60’s are still strong, early 70’s and a few 80’s are beginning to drive a demand. My last car, a black 1968 Chevelle 396 got far more attention than my current, an amazing restored 1957 Chevy. The Chevelle, non numbers matching, worth approx $25K won far more trophies than the 57, worth approx $40K.

My advice it it’s your hobby, buy what you love, buy smart and spend smart. In my 6 cars over 22 years, I never made more than $4000 or lost more than $2000. I will not allow myself to get upside down. As I tell my buddies who golf and fish, how many hobbies can you get close to breaking even with and still enjoy.


Should do article on URQ’s there value has been taking off.


Once again my favorite sports car has been overlooked. I own a 2000 Jaguar XK8 convertible with under 77,000 miles. I’ve owned this car for 6 years and yes, I have had some problems with it. Still, it is a blast to drive, gets a lot of attention and there are lots of them out there for sale at well under $10,000. I simply don’t see why this gorgeous car is never on any lists. I intend to keep my car as long as I draw breath. Maybe someone should do a little more research on the XK8.


I also have a 2002 XK8 convertible, under 65,000 miles. I also have spent money keeping her running, but she looks gorgeous, draws lot’s of attention and is a blast to drive. Unlike the heading of this article, I never drive it during the summer. Living in the Palm Springs area it averages 115 to 118 degrees. Like an oven with the top down and hard on the finish. Hanging on to mine for pure fun and attention, not so much as an investment.


Dang 15 years ago those MR2’s they had so many of them around, now they’re hard to find


R. Sykes answered his own question when he pointed out there’s lots of the XK8 available for under $10k. Supply and demand always determines the values in commodities, and many desirable cars will never make “investment grade” status. Even those that enjoy appreciation in valuation often fall short of the return on alternate investments, but you can’t hop in a stock portfolio on a gorgeous day and cruise the backroads. If that doesn’t tip the scale for you, put your money elsewhere!i


I too own a Jaguar XK8 (24000 miles) and agree that values are too low for now. Several years after purchase (fresh from dealer) I swore I would never purchase another Jag as resale was the worst of any car I have ever purchased.
I am fortunate to own a few vehicles and I do have a Ferrari 360 and am holding the car.
The advice I can give is seek out a 360 without the F1 gearbox.
When I bought mine everyone thought I was misguided.
Values for a 6 speed manual climbed when Ferrari stopped selling cars with a manual.


I own a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster and a 2006 Crossfire Coupe, both with low mileage and in mint condition … the coupe is a six speed manual. I love both of these cars. I don’t understand why these vehicles are not considered “Collector Classic” worthy. That makes no sense to me.


I agree with the MR2 pick but once again they have forgotten the Geo Metro Convertible. The Metro is the Nash Metropolitan reincarnated. Two seat top down, stick shift, affordable driving pleasure. Their values are sure to rise just like the Nash did.


My point was, and maybe I worded it incorrectly, that the Jaguar XK8 should make the list. Not the collector car or investment lists, the under $10K FUN list.


I’ll park my 57 T-Bird across the street, with or without the top on,on any Main St. U. S. A. against any car you got and be willing to bet more people like my T-Bird!


This is not a popularity game. If i dont personally like a T-Bird why would i have it. Do what makes you happy not what is popular, you will be happier.