6 things you didn’t notice about the Corvette C8.R

No matter which Corvette C8.R livery you prefer, the car’s menacing stance, high-flying rear wing, and mid-engine proportions dominate your first impressions of Corvette Racing’s newest representative. Since race cars need wildly flared fenders, snorkeling scoops, and a butt-on-the-ground ride height, Corvette’s exterior design team got to have some fun with the race-going C8.R’s design. Constraints didn’t disappear with all this fun, though, since design changes occurred in constant conversation with Pratt & Miller’s engineering team—speed is, as always, king.

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Is the split-window really the heritage a Corvette should invoke? That was a case of a flamboyant designer overruling an intelligent engineer to put an irredeemably stupid design into production, only to have to accept how horrifically impractical his design flourish was and flense it from the Stingray in the second model year.

Having driven a '63 split for a memoriable weekend many eons ago, I agree that that piece of fiberglass is a hindrance to rearward vision. However, current market prices for those one-year-only cars indicate that wrong is sometimes right…