6 volt 7 inch headlights


Are the 6 volt 7 inch Halogen headlights brighter than the regular 6 volt headlights? Is there a difference in brightness?


@rhsvlyczak - Brighter? maybe.

Halogen does produce a whiter light, uses less energy (wattage) for the same lumen rating, and has a longer life. I run halogen bulbs in my Corvair and like them. The do seem brighter, but the standard incandescent bulbs that came out were not in great shape (two had holes in the front lens, all had lots of hours on them).


Being as there is probably a difference in cost, here’s my take…

Check the electrical grounds of your vehicle. Make sure they are clean and tidy.

Also, I thought (correct me if I’m wrong) they make 6V LED bulbs for automotive purposes now…

I knew a guy with a 6V beetle who was thinking about upgrading his bug to 12 volt and to halogen because of the dim lights, but after cleaning up about 11 grounds in the electrical system, not only were his headlights brighter, but that 6V starter spun faster than it had ever done since he owned the vehicle (wasn’t the first owner.)


@01ksdavis - You make a great point. We had issues with a 6-volt system and adding a new (and massive) ground strap from battery to frame really helped its slow cranking starter.