64 1/2 Mustang Coupe - RestoMod idea JDM motor


I have a 64 1/2 Mustang 260cid w/generator, 3 spd on the floor, factory air…I redid the body with all new parts, no bondo anywhere and resprayed it 80’s Porsche Guards red. That was 1992, it has been sitting ever since, motor out and torn down, tranny out…Interior was pulled out and in the house that burned down in 98…so after all these years, I am considering putting it back together. I wont bore you with all details but I am interested in the feedback from car people regarding my current engine decision. I am thinking a straight 6 out of the old Toyota Supra…My son builds race and street cars for TPG Tuning in Pgh and he is confident of about 500-550 bhp on stock internals and that his knowledge and fabwork can make a complex change possible. So other than the particulars of how…What do you think will be the response to a resto modded Ford with a Toyota pushing it?


Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done! I’m a Chevy guy, but I think that a Ford should have a Ford engine, even in a car such as a 32 Ford or 50’s Ford truck where convention allows a small block Chevy. Take that Toyota engine and put it where it belongs, in a restomoded Supra! You can easily make 500-550 out of a small block Ford engine too.


you are right about that but what I didnt say (that I should have) is apparently 1000 bhp is doable and with the right tuning package, I could turn it down to 500 for street use. The 260 will never easily make more than 200 and the Ford crate motors are a lot of money. But your response is appreciated, this type of feedback is what I am looking for…thanks


I think the reception of a JDM engine in a Mustnag would really depend on the crowd. Younger enthusiasts were introduced to the concept by Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift when the main character put an RB26 inline-six in a '67 'Stang.

Well done, I can appreciate a good engine swap. Horsepower talks. It would be a big uphill battle though since there is no support for such a swap.


I love the idea. If custom fabbing everything doesnt scare you, the potential for power with the 2JZ is bonkers. Plus it is one of the best sounding engines ever built. Engine management has come a long ways in the last 10 years as well, so the prospect is much less scary than it used to be. Honda’s K- series inline 4’s are also great platforms for turbocharged goodness, and will also support 500+ hp with relative ease.


If you’re looking for a solid engine that’s powerful, reliable, and different from the rest of the crowd, then the 2JZ certainly isn’t a bad choice. And with your son working at an import tuning shop, it sounds like its something that’s acutally feasible for you to accomplish.

I agree with @Kyle and @Si_Guy though, the traditional Mustang car-show crowd might not exactly approve, but you’ll certainly attract a young audience with the build.

If it turns out anything like this 67 2JZ swapped stang, then it should be pretty cool:


1000 hp out of that engine may be possible but it not cheap nor is it very streetable. Yes a coyote is pricey but it also can make well over 1000 hp and do it as a streetable package. You can also make 1000 hp out of a super charged small block stroker and probably do it for less money than the Toyota motor.


thanks for the responses…It is true that my sons ability and access to the right people will make this more possible and for less money than a full boat Coyote. I have a 17 GT350R, so I am not looking for a track/road beast…more of something different that can make a bunch of power. The streetability that can be built into various tunes should make it useable on the street. Again I really do appreciate the feedback - still not 100% but close, I did get a bare block to do some initial layout work.


my son has tried to get me to swap a K into my S2000, to turbo it…but that car will stay just as it is.


As a fellow S2k owner, the only reason to do this is make big(BIG) power. The F series is a masterpiece, but does have its limits lol Please keep us updated with progress on Mustang!


build the car the way you want it. At this point, it isn’t worth all that much. I went to the hassle of building a 69 charger with a383-4v and kept it matching numbers etc. Well, it wasn’t worth much. I should have put a 440 or hemi in it to start with and painted it the color I wanted.
I did end up with a 440/500 cube stroker .

you will be a “star at Toyota shows” but NO SO MUCH at a Ford show.


that’s part of my rationale, its a coupe, its a 3 spd, it was Desert Storm beige - not a valuable or historic car to restore to stock form. It really isn’t for the shows, though it will see some, its for entertainment and something a little different. Again thanks for the comments, it is helpful to hear your thoughts as sometimes in a vacuum we do strange things.


In the end it is your car and you can do with it what you will. No it’s not a particularly valuable car which is why it’s perfect for building a restmod. If you are going to put 500+ hp in the car just remember it will need the chassis reinforced so as not to fold it in half. You will also need to update the suspension to be able to put the power down and you will also probably want to upgrade the brakes as well. I disagree with cava3r4 in that I don’t think you will be a hit at Toyota shows either as they will consider it a waste of a perfectly good motor. I do agree with you that it will be something different and it will definitely be a topic of conversation at any show you go to!


the plan calls for a full cage and upgrades to suspension and disc brakes, a 9 inch diff and a Haltech engine management system. it will line up a little more like a drag car than a roadracer, but it will have legit front suspension and wheels & tires for turning left and right and stopping. The biggest issue may be getting the engine back enough to not make it crazy nose heavy. Again great feedback, thanks


@dmucci - you mention a key point. The Toyota inline-six is a heavy and big engine, that is part of why it is so durable- it’s simply overbuilt. You are likely going to end up needing to move the firewall back to fit the engine with anything close to a reasonable weight distribution. Not impossible, just more fabrication work.


Unfortunately, Ford’s modern DOHC engines are too wide for swaps into '65 Mustangs. The 2JZ may actually physically fit into the engine bay where the Coyote will not without serious under-hood surgery.


I think it is a cool idea. These cars are not uncommon so you aren’t irreparably ruining a rare car. It is gonna be a love it or hate it swap. There is a dark part of me that says do it, take it to every cruise in you can, pop the hood, sit back and enjoy the reactions… For the same reason, my personal “troll” car build would be a 2JZ swapped Buick Grand National.

On a serious note. Do what makes you happy, all other opinions be damned. It is your car, not theirs.


It may be difficult but not impossible. That is why if it were my car I would put in a stroker small block with fuel injection, this would easily make the 500+ hp he’s looking for and with forced induction could make the 1000 hp he spoke of.


dmucci - re the idea of a Toyota 6 engine in your classic Mustang: I personally like the idea and think it’s very creative and different. Just be prepared for the villagers to show up shortly thereafter at your front door with pitchforks and torches, shouting “BLASPHEMY!!!”


the empty block seems to weigh a lot more than the empty 260…now my son tells me that its filled with concrete, old 2JZ drag engine. But it is certainly much longer and the firewall will absolutely be in the way. just wondering how far back the tranny and therefore the shifter will end up. Oh well there are fixes for everything, time to get this thing marked up. Love the rowdy villagers idea, I guess I better take the Shelby to an all Ford show.