64 Comet all in the Family


I bought this car 30 years ago because my work truck was always muddy and cluttered from work. This was my go to town car. When my oldest turned 16, he asked for it to drive to high school and his part time job so I let him have it. 2 years later he was off to college and I bought him a Geo Storm and I got it back. A year later my youngest son wanted it so he got it and drove it to high school until he started trade school and I bought him a Pontiac Grand Am and I got it back. 8 years later my daughter came of driving age so I cleaned the comet up and got it ready for her. A mile down the road and she said if that’s all I had for her to drive she would ride the school bus. She wasn’t exactly into classic cars. So a Honda CRV was her ride and the Comet lived in the garage for 10 more years until I retired and brought her back to life.
Shes my go to town car again. LOL