65 Mustang GT Convertible help

I’m new here and looking for some advice or suggestions. I am trying to help someone sell a 1965 Mustang GT convertible they inherited. I am not a car guy, and neither are they. I can provide some information found in a pile of paperwork that came with the car but don’t know much at all about classic Mustangs.
This car was rebuilt from a wreck and was purchased about 10 years ago. There are non-original parts on it and it was repainted so things do not match the codes or VIN. It has an automatic transmission, a Pony interior, Shelby wheels, upgraded power brakes, and a/c. It is labeled as having a 289 motor and has a Holley 4 bbl carburetor, MSD ignition, and an aluminum radiator. The car was well cared for and appears to be in very good condition.
One question I have is what this car is worth. I have been told “this is an excellent car and because it is a GT and a convertible it should be worth $30K”, all the way down to " it has after market stuff on it, a salvage title, and the codes don’t match so you’ll be lucky to get $19K for it", and everything in between. If anyone has any advice on how to find out what it is worth, I would appreciate the help.
My other question is, basically, how does one go about selling a classic car such as this one? Again, I am open to suggestions.


A good starting place would be “Vintage Mustang Forum.” Lots of good info there. One of your main problems is the “rebuilt” title. That being said your best bet is someone looking for a car they can enjoy driving and not worry about the resale value. For sure the traditionalists will not be interested and think the car is worthless.
There are a lot of people that just want the look of a classic, but want a dependable driver. A/C, updated drive train, optional items are a plus, too. I am looking for one like this, but a fastback. You can PM me at "rhoneys6131@gmail.com" and I will look over what you have. he car looks really nice.
I just saw this note today. Sorry if I am too late.