67 Shelby GT 350 values?


The Hagerty valuation guide is outstanding but it doesn’t give a value estimate for a 67 GT 350 supercharged car in number 1 condition or a 67 GT 350 survivor in near time capsule condition including original paint, interior and drivetrain. Where is the market for those 2 rare Shelby 67 GT 350s ??


Hi @lquam2411,

Thanks for the great question. Sometimes special examples or survivors exist of a particular model but are so rare there are simply not enough documented sales to have a HPG value assigned to them. Such is the case with the two hypothetical 1967 GT350s you mention.

First, the factory Paxton Supercharged cars: Estimates vary between 19-27 of these originally built by Shelby. At the time the Paxton option cost almost twice as much as the difference between the GT350 and GT500, hence so few being built! But they are extremely significant cars in my opinion, just as the 11 factory built 1966 GT350 Paxton cars or the 4 original 1966 GT350 Convertibles. And with very few real 1967 Paxton cars remaining, and only a couple having sold publicly in the last decade, pinning a value on them is difficult. However, a very well restored and documented one sold at auction in 2015 for roughly 75% premium over its HPG value at the time, and another example in “driver” condition and slightly modified sold at auction in May 2016 for $308k which was more than a 75% premium over its appropriate HPG value. As a result, while I doubt we’ll see another one come to market anytime soon, I suspect today’s value for a true #1 example with its original parts, drivetrain, good paperwork and history would maintain at least that 75%, and quite possible a far better, premium over a “regular” #1 1967 GT350- or roughly $315,000+ today. Again, given their extreme rarity and supply far outstripping demand for factory Paxton cars I wouldn’t be shocked if a great '67 Paxton car sold in the area of the $605k we just saw 1966 GT350 S/N 001 sell for at Barrett-Jackson- a car that was unique simply because of its 001 VIN and its love it or hate it 1 of 1 vinyl top!

As for a time-capsule non-Paxton 1967 GT350 in the condition you are describing, which we call “Benchmark” condition, these too are unicorns in the Shelby world as you know. If a 1967 GT350 in original condition that appears as-new would show up history has shown us cars like this, of all makes, often sell for 50% more or better than their comparable HPG #1 values. Add in a special color, or 4 speed, or original tires, belts, hoses and you can just start adding to the price. Of course I haven’t seen one of these in many, many years…but if you happen to see one you don’t want please let me know!

Hope this helps.


Colin Comer