67-year-old biker breaks 300 mph on a 2003 Suzuki GSX-R1000


The engineering brains of Karl Benz. The aerodynamic skills of Wernher von Braun. And the nerves of Chuck Yeager. Meet motorcycle world land-speed record holder Ralph Hudson, who in July 2018 set a new world’s record of 297.970 mph in a two-way average on the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, on a bike he developed himself.

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Superb dedication, I myself autocross Jaguar cars, and have won a total of 38 North America Championships, as well as 5 Fastest Man in JCNA Slalom Competition. I am hoping for 50 before I retire… LOL unfortunately this club has been taken over by 2 men retired from WESTPOINT… They have barred me for life, basically for telling one og them he was a bully… and he is… legal action is now needed to enable me getting back into the groove…OMG… what some people will do for a power trip… Art Dickenson, Jaguar …


Way to go Art and Ralph ! I concur that bullies have no place in ANY kind of sporting arena much less anywhere else in the world !
Keep the shiny side up !


This is a great story and partly because it’s a only a liter bike . But tragically, Bill Warner died in 2013 at 285 mph while attempting 300 in a mile on a bike with a 30% larger engine. To me, Ralph Hudson’s record couldn’t get any more amazing.


Sorry guys Rollie Free is still the man at bonneville. Swim trunks while laying down. Please some one post the pic so the kids can see what "balls out " really means.


i have that picture somewhere on my computer, thanks for reminding me, as soon as my eyes clear up a little i will make it my screensaver on one computer, and try to figure out how to post it somewhere here.



LOL, Glad you made it all about you silver007.

As for 300+ mph on a bike…that’s amazing.