7 best movie pickup trucks


America’s love affair with the pickup truck is fast approaching 100 years. More new pickups are sold each year than hardly ever before, and older pickups are among the hottest segments of the collector car hobby as vintage examples surge in popularity and value.

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How 'bout the old Dodge that terrorizes the Griswolds in “Christmas Vacation”?


That body style Dodge is a design I love to hate. Just looks funky to me.


I was always partial to Ben Affleck’s shorty Chevy in Dazed & Confused

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Don’t forget the awesome truck scene from Lone Wolf McQuade - made a Dodge guy out of me!


You somehow overlooked the 68 or 69 Ford truck in Mr. Majestic with Charles Bronson.
Check out the Utube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghXatUGIi9g
You will see that truck is Oscar material.


Let’s not forget about the Dodge power wagon that was in the TV show Simon & Simon. Or the GM’s in all of the Lethal weapon movies- a new style for each movie.


I looked through your top 7 list twice, and I can’t believe you did not include the Ford pickup driven by Charles Bronson in Mr Majestic. That is the one of the ultimate car-chases. … Gary V.


@desryan20 - I do love those wheels on that body style C10.


You just gotta love it when Riggs pull the house down with his dually.


I worked with a Dodge dealer back in the 70’s and 80’s. We had an old style Dodge for the shop pickup and it was OK. When the new style came out in 1972? it was an unbelievable upgrade–like driving a Cadillac compared to driving a tank. I had a 1973 D100 with the 318 engine and it could tow most anything and still get great mileage, for the time. The 318 has to be one of the great all-time engines. Later we had a D100 with a 360 engine–wouldn’t haul as much and only got half the mileage. We had a 1973 Dodge Adventurer SE with all the options and it would compare favorably with any car at the time for comfort and economy–drove like a dream. The Club Cab versions were ahead of their time too.