7 car-themed cartoons that shaped young enthusiasts before cable TV

If you remember Speed Buggy, the Mach 5, or Thunderbolt Grease Slapper, no doubt you remember the Saturday morning cartoon race car drivers who drove them. After all, odds are you were a child at the time.

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My vote goes to Tom Slick (with George of the Jungle - Super Chicken) for best of the era. Super corny, and super funny at all age levels. Even the theme songs were cool. … Gary

Crash! (somebody steal number 17 cross-town vine) :rofl:

You forgot to mention Turbo Teen.It debuted in September 1984 and was supposedly inspired by the TV show Knight Rider.

I think everybody forgot that one.

I may be wrong, but wasn’t it the Mark 5?
Also, a series called “Supercar”.

I grew up watching Speed Racer!
You gotta love the non-PC intro, as Speed bumps another car off the track… crashing to a fiery death.
Imagine an updated version where Speed bumps Camrys, Accords and Prius’ out of the fast lane and into a ditch!
BTW: Can you name the function of each button on his steering wheel??

Always loved Speed Racer and Speed Buggy. Speed Racer definitely had the best theme song, in my opinion. There was another Japanese cartoon where they were in outer space on what looked like an aircraft carrier but I can’t remember the name. Loved that one too.

Yeah. It was pretty lame for sure. I never knew it existed until I ran across it on YouTube a few years ago. Watched one episode and then thought…why did I watch that? LOL

Wasn’t Wrapped Around the Car Theme But Has Everyone Forgot About The ROAD RUNNER ?? That Bird Ended Up On the Side And Back Of The Plymouth Road Runner , Not Failing To Mention That The Me Meep Was The Horn that was Installed On Them , Heck Even Horn On My 70 Cuda !

I born in '64 – I literally grew up with these. I watched anything with cars - so all of these were on my list. While Speed Buggy & Wacky Races were fav’s later on, but there was only one Speed Racer - He was king. At least that’s what Chim-Chim told me!

" Yes George, that’s what makes the train ride so smooooo CRASSHH "
" George try tell commissioner , somebody steal track …
Ya gotta love it …

Too funny! Those were VERY strong ants :wink: My favorite GofJ line ever was the steal/steel track routine. Then there’s, “Houses are springing up like mushrooms, too bad we can’t get them to spring up like houses.”

Good stuff. Every bit as good as Groucho’s, "“That’s nothing, my alarm clock is set for eight.”

Rocky & Bullwinkle rule.

I must be OLD, Ed Roth and Rat Fink.

Speed Racer was the bomb for me. To this day I still have a large, limited Edition lithograph of Speed Racer hanging on my wall. The 2 part episode involving the Mammoth Car constructed from Gold…the mechanical driver chasing people and knocking them off the road, and those awful dubbed lines! Best car cartoon by a flying mile!

And speaking of Rat Fink…over $25k in paint work alone on this one, with a big nod to Big Daddy…

Ah - the names that have stuck with me all these years: The Slag Brothers! The Anthill Mob! Dexter’s Demons, etc…I was too young at the time to appreciate the realistic themes of Hot Wheels but having just rewatched an episode man they strike a chord in me now: risking safety for speed, attracting the scrutiny of police with loud exhaust and mag wheels, not to mention all the recognizable car models (with real race motor sounds dubbed in) that don’t turn into rubbery sponges while in motion. Voice of Dexter suspiciously sounds like Shaggy BTW!

The space cartoon was Star Blazers. I liked Speed Racer too.

Thanks, I’ve been racking my brain on that one.