7 cars from Monterey Car Week for under $50,000


Hagerty’s valuation specialists pored over the Monterey Car Week auction sales and gathered a list of sales that totaled less than $50,000, then we pulled out the highlights. While it’s not pocket change, $50k is less than the average luxury midsize crossover and about as much as an average full-size pickup truck. For the price of one of those new cars, you could put one of your dream cars in your garage instead. If we had that $50k to spend we’d have no problem finding worthy, bucket-list cars to buy. The trouble, of course, would be narrowing it to one.

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C’est ma première contribution à votre forum.
J’ai toujours aimé (depuis 1979) la Porsche 928 que j’aurais voulu acheter… avant de (trop) être âgé !
Je trouve le prix de cette Porsche blanche très attractif car la côte moyenne est d’environ 25000$.
Ah, j’oubliais : je suis Français, j’habite en France, à 10 mn de Genève (Suisse), en Haute Savoie et à 45 mn de Chamonix -Mont Blanc (top of Europe 15800’) et j’ai 68 ans. You will notice that punctuation is very important in France! It’s often our Diplomacy.


@monateri.paul - The white Porsche 928 seemed to sneak by many buyers. There were so many fantastic cars something had to sneak through for a deal. It is a great time to buy 928s. Go find one to enjoy!