7 cars to watch at Hershey this week, from V-16s to minicars


RM Sotheby’s Hershey auction is packed with great American iron and classic European sheetmetal from the brass era to today, and it’s often hard to pick favorites. Because it’s the next big auction after Pebble Beach, we’re shifting our attention away from the pre-war European town cars and roadsters, casting a wide net that includes a sampling from the automotive spectrum. These cars caught our eye because of their rarity, style, or in one case, their name.

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The Playboy is indeed a rare car with only 51 known to exist currently. The last one I know of that went to an auction was by Kruse International Auctions in September of 1999. A few have sold privately over the years as well. Please see my website at: http://www.playboymotorcars.com