7 classics under $10K that you should snatch up


Participation in the collector car hobby doesn’t have to break the bank. If you have a low budget, there are still lots of choices out there for every taste. Average #3 (Good) condition collector vehicles worth less than five figures abound. From Euro oddballs to Japanese sports cars and vintage pickups, the vehicles below won’t steal your wallet. They also feature higher than average Hagerty Vehicle Ratings, so while they’re temptingly affordable now, they likely won’t be quite so cheap a year from now.

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The 300ZX is a solid buy and the t-tops add a bit of convertible fun, though the solid top models actually are rarer and seem to be worth a bit more from folks who like to race them.

If one is looking for an '80s or early '90s Benz, however, I’d look at the 300E or later E320 models (124 chassis cars). Even a coupe or cabriolet model of one of these can be had for under your $10k mark and they offered silky smooth inline 6 cylinder engines and bulletproof build quality. They were exceptionally expensive at the time (the cabrios were over $80k in 1994 money) but they are affordable for now.

Ok, I’m a bit biased, I owned a 1996 300ZX 2+2 and have owned my E320 Cabrio for more than 10 years. I can’t think of a smoother and more luxurious 4-seat convertible for the money.


If you search hard enough, you can find a Nissan Figaro for sale in the US for under $10,000 in good condition, but hurry, I have been watching auctions on these and prices have started to rise dramatically in just the past few months.


Again, the lack of Chrysler vehicles is disappointing. Don’t tell me that there’s nothing that could fit in this category. The last B body contingent (Magnum/Cordoba/Charger) is growing, with nice examples close to or have already eclipsed the 5 figure goal. And the same-era trucks are climbing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/146952895354657/


You can’t find a 67 - 72 K10 in good condition for $8400 anywhere.



I agree about the Rx7, but the one to get is definitely the ragtop. I owned many Rx7s starting with the 3rd one sold in Mass the fall of 1978. My favorites were my convertibles ( 88 and a 91) and would swap my Z3 for a low mileage copy in a minute.


I think this is spot-on about the Boxster. I was one of those that always thought of it as a ‘hairdressers car’ as the guys on Top Gear have always said. But a drive in my buddies '98 quickly changed my mind. It is really a sublime car to drive and you can see the quality engineering throughout. Yes the IMS issue has to be sorted with one of the common bearing fixes, and there a few other niggling issues such as the air/oil separator and the cracking coolant bottles, but overall you get a bargain with these cars and they handle and drive like a dream. I’m actively looking for one now and even have the wife on board as she misses her old Toyota Solara convertible which was certainly no sportscar. Being that we live in South Florida it will be an all-year car.


Well, define “good” condition…lol. Here’s one for $5000…not totally torn up…looks like it’s complete. Probably depends on where you are. https://offerup.com/item/detail/573627350/


This one is def good condition…<under $8,000 https://offerup.com/item/detail/575722790/


I never thought I would live to see the day when 2002 model is called a classic!


I disagree with the 67-72 trucks. They were very hot until recently. The 2nd gen square body trucks are the next new thing. I just sold a 1968 C-30 with 9 foot long step bed for $1,500 a month ago.

Xr4ti, sure, had an 86 in 1997. Nice cars and easy to work on. I’d prefer an 84-86 Mustang SVO because they have a wider audience.

RX-7, Yep owned an 89 GXL in 1991-1993. Fast car. I had it at 144mph on 55 Northbound through Illinois.


Some niche Euro sports cars to consider:

1993 VW Corrado SLC
1995 Alfa Romeo 164 Quadrifoglio
1984 Audi Coupe GT
1995 BMW 540i



Don’t forget the Mercedes Benz SLK’s (1996 to 2004) that should go up in value any day now


Be care on the 95 BMW 540 - nicasil alloy engine is an issue.


Why do you people insist on referring to the Bronco as having a third ('80-'86), forth ('87-'91) and fifth ('92-'96) generation when the '80-'96 models are the same truck except for some front clip sheet metal changes. Most major parts are interchangeable. I’ve owned an '83 XLT and I now have a '95 XLT and they’re the same vehicle.


I believe the Lexus LS 400 from 1990-2000 will shortly begin to appreciate, I was fortunate to obtain a very nice one owner 85K mile Millennial Edition this year for $4K US. Brakes, timing belt and tires had just been replaced. Reliable, lovely to drive, and it gets pretty good mileage for a V8, better than some V6 cars I’ve owned. This was a landmark automobile, and caused the European manufactures to run back to the drawing boards.


Agree with U on the boxer. The least expensive one could find and that from one who has owned many .As for the Benz yes what a car the AC was marginal at best. The bosh elactrics. Especially the window motor lasted as long as your Christmas lights but I had a 190 D with a rare manual the speedo stopped At 350000 miles And I drove it for 4 more. Years so It’s probably powering. A fishing boat in Nirobi as we sleek I anyone finds one call me 9179744491 would love to have another


My XR4Ti was the most difficult car to drive hard but smoothly in my (now) 60+ years of driving. Turbo lag opposite of what you’d normally think. Let off the gas preparing for a corner and the turbo would carry you further into the corner than you wanted. Decent handling otherwise if a bit soft.


Couldn’t agree more on the Boxster. Bought a really clean 2001 5-speed last spring just to drive for the spring/summer/fall and found it to be more fun than any Miata or other smallish sports car I’ve ever driven. Mine is now for sale and is in perfect working order, but here in the midwest, hard to find a buyer this time of year. If anyone is interested, get in touch. K hope C everyone T has U a R great B holiday O season D and U stays G safe A out T there Y especially A if H you O live O in D a O state T with C lots O of M snow.