7 classics under $10K that you should snatch up


One I’ve just sold and loved it was a Chrysler Crossfire. Rear suspension weakness in them but a neat little car and within these parameters.


Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce’s Should be a part of this list.


The LS 400 has a well earned reputation for amazing durability. I think the only thing that holds it back from achieving greater pricing is that it’s a little bit bland in the looks department. Unless you do a little bit of Mr. Dressup … 1996_lexus_ls_400


Totally agree. Love the lines on the Veloce!


I have an '84 Veloce; yes, should be on this list. Beautiful and fun car!


Hello all! This is my first post on here so I have no clue what to expect from this forum in the future. So far, it’s pretty darn good with a very well written article. However, I do have one minor quibble.There’s no mention of any of the Independents. Are AMCs, Nashes, Hudsons, Studebakers, Packards, Kaisers, or Willyses not worthwhile enough or something? I know that at the very least the Studebaker Lark should make this list. Parts for this Europeanized American car are easily attainable through the very friendly Studebaker Driver’s Club. A very nice model, even the top-tier Cruiser, shouldn’t cost you more than $8,000. Besides, they are just a hoot to drive!


I had an 82 Audi GT coupe. Awesome, very light with the 5 cylinder straight engine.Also an 85 Audi 5000 turbo.The 5000 could really cruise and was very comfortable. Long live Audi and their heritage of engineering


Love it. Gotta have the telephone dial wheels though…


I bought a RX7 new in 1986, while I was in the Navy… nice car…could have used 100+ more Hp… (couldn’t everything?)

I bought a new BMW M3 in 1995 and still own it. Is it becoming a classic? Lol.


Bought my 80 zx 2+2 in February for $4! Put a few bucks and 6k miles on her and sold it for $5650 last month. Picked up a 97 m3 5speed coupe for $4100, have about $5500 in it now
and enjoying that little collector rocket.


I found a beatutiful Alfa Spyder and let it go when my current BMW Z3 was a deal too good to pass up. The Syder has such classic Italian lines. Wondering about the enthusiast support to keep them running?


I found a 2003 BMW Z4 last year for right at the limit here with 23000 miles. It has been a delight. With the new roadster arriving, the original Z4 is worth a look.2003%20Z4


You certainly are using the term “classic” loosely. How about the Imperials? '64-'74 is easy to get under $10k, a lot of them in great condition go for under $5k. The '64-'66 particularly are likely to increase in value soon. These were the best built cars in the US at the time they were being built, they have a lot of amenities you won’t find in other cars of their era and that people have come to expect (power windows and seats, a/c, etc.). They are also comparatively easy to get parts for and very easy to work on. They also have the best engines ever built.


I have a '90 300ZX AND a '91 RX7 convertible and love both of them for different reasons. The Nissan is a more modern car than the Mazda, which still has the '80s cheap plastic that breaks too easily. The Z handles better than my BMW E46 convertible but the Mazda rotary engine’s 8000 RPM redline is lots of fun even for a 70+ year old.


Agree with jhawk about the XR4Ti. Drove one as a factory rep for L-M years ago. Had such fun driving that turbo, lag and all, that I recently bought an '87 in California with 79k original miles for $400. After $3,500 in mechanical repairs, some elbow grease bringing the original paint/patina back and $1600 in new, original style leather seat covers I’ve got a fun little, low budget drive that’s reliable.image


@ssacamp - I like it. Those stand out anywhere they go. Enjoy driving it!


I owned a 1986 Ford Escort GT which is very similar to the 1985 Merkur XR4Ti. Had a very peppy 1.9 liter overhead valve 4 cylinder, with a 5-speed manual transmission. This was the first year of the ground effects package with splitter front end and whale tail type spoiler in back. From what I understand this car was designed by Carroll Shelby. Car ran like a scalded dog until the timing belt broke and bent all the valves. Don’t know how many were made but there are not many out there that I can find. The one I owned had the very rare bullet style side view mirrors. Which I think we’re only available in 86. Not really sure though but I can’t find any later that have them.


Not too difficult ti find. Here’s one place that has 116 of them:


What about the Volvo
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I have a 1991 Mercury Capri turbo w a 5 speed.
Talk about getting no respect!
The car is a hoot to drive!
Probably can buy one for $5000 or less.
Have mine about 10 years,paid $1400 for it.