7 classics under $10K that you should snatch up


I am kind of annoyed not to see the C4 Corvette on here. I just purchased a 1989 with 40k, perfect condition, white convertible, it would burn the pants off that Porsche. Way better car.


Alfa Romeo GTV6
Now that Alfa is back in the US these are going up. Even Jeremy Clarkson just got one😁.
Mine is a 1986.


Love my 1991 Spider Veloce (with the telephone dial wheels


I agree on the k10 comment. Good ones are already very expensive.


Even better with a 5.0 stuffed under the hood!


This is the only vehicle on the list that could be registered in California without a SMOG test. Every “collector car” made after 1974 cannot pass a SMOG check. I’ve been fighting to keep my 1993 Ranger Splash ( a fabulous truck) on the road for 8 years.


I bought a '93 300ZX TT last year. Original condition - i.e. 130,000Km, original paint on metal, no rust (always winter stored, necessary up here in Canada), original engine and drivetrain except for driveshaft, due to well known carrier bearing issue. Lots of fun driving and yes, not as fast as most cars on the road today but I enjoy the 5 spd and rear wheel drive. Closest affordable model to the '73 240Z I had 40 years ago.


Agreed the Lexus of the day were the hot ticket. To bad I don’t fit in any of the cars being discussed other than pickups which ain’t cars


Yup. I have a 53 commander, paid 10 but potential value is way beyond that. Beware, those old cars had serous rust issues


C4 gets no love. It’s the homely girl in high school who knew how to party - fun to hang out with but no steady date.


Good call on the m3. The geriatric datsun though, ain’t happenin


We soon forGet the SC400 & SC300!!


Porsche Boxster is a good call. But for rarity with a dysfunctional backstory, there’s nothing like the 2006 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 when it comes to anything made in the past twenty plus years. Impossible to find.


Looooove my GTV6. What a pleasure to drive!
Only pity is that it isn’t the South African 3 litre. (only made about 200 to homologate for racing)
Boy, did they give the BM’s a hiding on the track!


Value of Porsche Boxster bottomed out a few years ago. It’s appreciated 15% a year since I bought my Boxster S.


For under $10K you can find very nice examples of Jaguar X100 XK8 and XKR. I recently inspected one for a jaguarforum member here in Los Angeles, that ran well, shifted nicely, and whose convertible top went up and down as it was supposed to, and yes, it need cosmetic work but mostly scratches not dents, and it was $4000.00. I have 175,000 miles on my 2002 and recently spent more than I paid for it 10 years ago repainting it, freshening the suspension, rebuilding the motor and putting a new top on it, just because what else could I get for under $15K that looks as sexy topless. The coupes are also gorgeous but much rarer so they command higher prices. Its heritage ties to the E-type are self evident and with the old style convertible stacking on the rear deck, the trunk space is absolutely cavernous.


That Jag is a jewel - wanted one but tall people need not apply. (BTW not under $10K in my neighborhood.) On the other hand, where’s the 996 Porsche in this discussion? Maybe not under 10K but what a sweet thing for the price. IMS, IMS, IMS - yeah yeah yeah. recently got a creampuff Carrera 4 Cabriolet (37k babied car) for 1/5 sticker price - excitement and versatility on tap, unparalleled driving experience for the . The ONLY small format sports car for tall people.


for the $ is what I meant


Two days of sheer bliss at Road America with my Nissan 300ZX Slicktop!


True, unless you look in the South. -just snagged mine (a 71 307) for 3500 & put 800 in under the hood and now drives like it’s new. For a 307 it really screams.
If anyone here wants me to find one for them around here I’ll be glad to. They are usually rusty but driving fine (i know of 1 now). nicely painted are closer to 10k.
My story: I had a 71 i6 rust bucket i got at an auction for $675 in 97 which ran great for pennies a year when 20 years later i found the 307 I had been looking for. (Sold the i6 for 1500 still running great but with twice the rust).
I found the 307 on a country road in front of a “junk shop” unmolested & w/ zero rust & immediately spoke to the 93 year old man who owned the place who said it was his and he’d fixed it up from a junk heap 10 yrs earlier, painted it and got it running strong. It was still mostly strong but paint faded and chipped.
Anyway, I said ‘would you consider an offer less than 3500?’ to which he replied. ‘No, 3500 firm.’ I drove home, got the checkbook and have had it ever since. cheers, nelson wells cars for pennies Athens GA