7 hi-po GM performance cars from the Todd Werner collection

Todd Werner has excellent taste in American performance cars. His collection includes some of the greatest Mopar race cars to ever run a Hemi in the 1960s and ’70s, and his collection also includes quite a few rare performance cars from the General. Here are our seven favorite Chevrolet and Pontiac performers from Mecum’s upcoming sale of the Werner collection, July 31–August 3 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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Those Motion cars are awesome.
I guess I have a thing for “Day 2” or whatever you call that look. Street beast custom over the top cars. Some of the crazy modified cars really get me revving.
My neighbor growing up in the 1980’s had a 1968 Firebird, jacked up in the back with really wide tires sticking out of the fenders, low in the front, primer black… awesome.

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None of them are worth jack if they just sit around looking pretty. Replace the bias ply’s with radials and hit the streets. Cars like these should have little bits of rubber sticking to their rear quarter panels. I’ll never understand the collecting thing…drive the sucker! After all, that’s what it’s original intention was when they built them!

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