7 items not to reuse when restoring your car


radiator cap. hoses.


Curb feelers, by all means!:smile:

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@cwright - That article just might be in the works!


Well, I was once into air-cooled Porsches and VWs, so I’ll add that you should aline-bore the case halves, anytime you’ve split the case. I just had too much go wrong on with a 912 that I had built for me, vice by me.
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Kinda sad you have article telling people what not to use when restoring a vehicle. Wouldn’t common sense tell not to reuse those things? I guess not. :frowning:


I would add ignition parts, especially condenser. Always buy a new one as they deteriorate with age. Even NOS ones likely are no good.

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@hornetllw - It might seem like it, but everyone had to learn at some point. To those doing a first restoration or trying to keep budget in check, it is easy to think that everything the “looks good” can or should be reused.


One thing that always seems to be neglected is motor mounts. They are not always easy to change but have one break on take off and you’ll never drive with unknown mounts again. I know from buying a restored car and having it happen, never again!

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When doing front end work, make sure there is no play in the drag links, tie rods and idler arms. Idler arms usually have bushings. Grease is cheap to keep the tie rods from wearing. Also if you have to external power steering control valve, make sure there is little or no play in the ball stud socket. Restoring a car with this set up is best to have it rebuilt or purchase a new rebuilt one. Keep the ball stud greased, there’s a fitting on the valve body. If the ball stud falls out you lose your steering.


I think it’s well titled, 7 things a person may think they can reuse, but shouldn’t. Some other things are more obvious that should not be reused when restoring, such as hoses, tires, etc. But, for example, I was just wondering the other day if I should change the ball joints while I was taking the front end apart. Thanks for the article, and thanks everyone for the helpful tips as well!

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The best advice I got was for $150.00 replace the fuel tank. There are good steel reproductions out there. Like an idiot I tried to save a couple dollars and didn’t replace the sending unit.

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OIL PUMP, i have never reused an oil pump, on a rebuild, or a teardown

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Should I be nervous about driving my 26 year old car with 270,000 miles on it???